Join the Fun at Ice Chalet Summer Camps this Summer!


Looking for a different experience for your kids this summer? Check out the summer camps at Ice Chalet! From ages 3 and up, they have something for everyone!

Ice Chalet Summer Camps

Ice Chalet Summer Camps 2017

June 12-July 30, 2017

East Tennessee’s Ice Sports & Family Fun Destination since 1962!

ONE-WEEK CAMPS, Ages 6 and up, girls and boys: Learn to Skate!

Choose one, two, three… up to seven weeks, but you only pay full price for the first week:

June 12-16

June 19-23

June 26-30

July 3-7   

July 10-14

July 17-21

July 24-28

Beginner and Intermediate Level Skaters

Monday-Friday, Noon-5:30pm

Beginners (Pre-Alpha):           $75.00/week ($15.00/day)

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta:  $85.00/week ($17.00/day)

Includes 30-minute class, skate rental, public session and practice admission each day the student is enrolled, t-shirt, and Ice Skating Institute membership.

Each Additional Week:       $60.00 ($12.00/day)

Advanced (Freestyle)


7:00am-9:45am (Freestyle 5 and up)

9:45am–Noon (Freestyle 1-4)

All Levels: Noon-5:30pm


Includes a variety of classes, Freestyle/Program Practices, plus admission to the public session and/or afternoon freestyle practice each weekday for the week/s enrolled.

Ice Chalet

ONCE-A-WEEK CAMPS, Ages 3 and up, girls and boys: Learn to Skate!

June 12-July 30, 2017 (7 weeks, choice of day)

Monday        Thursday      Saturday        Classes

N/A               6:00 pm        11:45 am       Beginner Tots (ages 3-5)

6:45 pm        6:00 pm        11:45 am       Beginners (ages 6 and up)

N/A               6:30 pm        12:15 am       Advanced Tots

6:45 pm        6:30 pm        12:15 am       Alpha

7:15 pm        7:00 pm        12:45 pm       Beta, Gamma & Delta

N/A               7:30 pm        N/A                Intermediate Stroking

Tots & Beginners (Pre-Alpha):   $105.00 ($15.00/week)

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta:        $118.00 ($16.88/week)

Includes 30-minute class, skate rental, and 30 to 60 minutes of practice the day of your lesson, as well as half-price admission and skate rental for any other public session, and Ice Skating Institute membership.

SUMMER HOCKEY CAMP, Ages 6 and up, Girls and Boys

You can be an Ice Chalet IceHawk!

June 12-July 30, 2017 (Tuesday evenings for 7 weeks)

Learn the fundamental skills of hockey: power skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting!

Tuesdays: Learn-to-Play with “Pick Up” Hockey Games

Children  (8 and under)  6:00-6:45pm

Youth     (10 and under)  6:45-7:30pm

Teens    (13 and under)   7:30-8:30pm

Adults    (13 and up)         8:45-10:00pm

Tuesday Learn-to-Play with Games ($14.00/week)  $98.00

Tuesday LTP, Games & One Day of Skating Classes (Save 10%) $183.00

All players should wear full hockey equipment. This includes a helmet, facemask, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants, and shin guards. These items can be rented from the Ice Chalet for $35.00/term.


Class Registration & Check-In: Students must register for their first class at least one hour before classes start. Students should check in 30 minutes before classes begin each day to be sure we have you fitted correctly in skates.

“Theatre On Ice” Class 

Saturdays, 9:15-9:45am

$50.00 (plus $35.00 costume/prop fee)

If enrolled in our skills classes, you can be a part of our Summer Show production number (show entry fee included). The show will be presented on Saturday, August 5 at 5:00pm.

Note: Saturday, June 17: No Classes! Buy a Ticket!

On Saturday, June 17, we will be hosting a special event called “Skating with the Stars” to benefit our program for foster care children (Skating for Our Future). Please plan to make up this day on any other day we offer classes, and let us know a few days ahead of time which class you plan to attend. Come see the show and get involved!

Save 10% if you sign up by May 1st… or 5% if you sign up by June 1st!

Register by phone, 588-1858, or online:

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