I Survived a Girls’ Trip…and You Can Too!


I am about to say something really tough and you may yell NO WAY/ABSOLUTELY NOT when you see what I have to say.

You should take a trip without your kids.

Seriously. A trip when you only have to pack YOUR things. What?! Yes. 100% YES.

Take a Girls' Trip without your kids!

Earlier this month I took a trip with my sister to New York City. I went back and forth. I hesitated. I clicked PURCHASE. There we go. It was booked and non-refundable. I HAD to go. So, I bought a new cute pink carry on suitcase, some carry on sized toiletries and then headed home to pack. I only had to pack for ME. I kept having thoughts of “Oh I need to grab that for my toddler” and “I need to remember more wipes.” And then it hit me; no I don’t. No worries other than myself. That’s when I got excited. And then I said, how am I going to leave my precious, amazing, beautiful little girl for 4 days?

I rested easy knowing that dad was going to be here with her. He had the most action packed four days planned {Splash Country, All Bounce Events & Rentals, the Zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, etc.). She won’t miss me. Good.

At 6am I boarded the plane to NYC. I was so excited! I met my sister at LaGuardia and vacation without my toddler was officially underway. NYC has so much to offer, and even more when you don’t have a young kiddo with you. We tried to schedule our days full of things that wouldn’t be as easy doing it with a toddler and some things that she wouldn’t have been able to do at all.


We got up at 4am the next day to get in line for the Today Show. I don’t usually do 4am, but I definitely wouldn’t drag my peacefully sleeping toddler out to stand in line. Matt and Savannah are my friends I visit with each morning so I was pumped! I will say that my toddler “could have” gone to that, but I promise I would never do that with a 2 year old. Lots of standing with zero payoff for a toddler.


That night we saw Chicago on Broadway. I could practically smell Brandy since we were sitting three rows away from the stage. This is something my toddler would not be able to do per theater rules and for good reason. {If you are going to NYC and want to see a play, research “rush tickets.” We paid $37 per ticket for 3rd row!}


The next day we explored everything NYC has to offer as far as sightseeing. World Trade Center memorial, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, etc. We walked about five miles that day. You know what my toddler wouldn’t do? Walk 5 miles.


Our final day was spent exploring China Town and Little Italy and more walking. We were able to hit up some shopping as well. More things my toddler wouldn’t enjoy and I probably wouldn’t fully enjoy lugging my kiddo around town. We ate great food, had some drinks, and stayed up past {my toddler’s} bedtime. We even jogged through Central Park.

My point: I took a girls’ trip and I survived. I missed my sweet baby girl like crazy, but I loved her like crazy when she started dancing and running to me at the airport {still makes my eyes water thinking about it}.

Listen, you aren’t a bad mom, and it’s not that you don’t love your kids. But, you deserve it. You deserve time with your friends or husband without being called mom 1.5 million times, changing poopy diapers, and not dealing with someone who refuses to put shoes on. Round up some girl friends, sisters, husband, etc. and take a trip. Treat yourself to a hair appointment or spa day. Go all out.

The memories I made with my sister over those four days will never be forgotten. I highly recommend going places that you wouldn’t want to take a kid, i.e. NYC or Las Vegas, or pack up and take a cruise!

Pick a trip, pack your bags, and have an awesome trip!



  1. I love this post Stephanie!! Having those weekends away really is a refreshment. And, if you ever want to go back with your daughter to NYC, we took our 3 this fall for a family vacation and it rocked!

    • Thanks Christie! I would love to take my child to NYC, in a fee years though! I’ll take your tips and tricks for sure!


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