How To Be Boujee On A Budget


How To Be Boujee On A BudgetIf you have seen the trending Stanley Cup, you know. They are everywhere, but if you’re like me, you’re still rocking your Yeti from 2015. Cups are expensive and I don’t want to pay another $40 for a cup. The problem is that I like to be boujee, but on a budget. I am all about some bargains.

Here are my favorite dupes which allow me to be a “Stanley Girly” on a budget.

The water bottle fashion is the most unsustainable one I have ever seen. First, came the Nalgene bottle, then the Camelback, next the Hydroflask…then, Yeti took over the world by storm, until Starbucks said “Hold my drink, I have beautiful cups!” Now the Stanley cup has taken the world over by storm (even though they have existed for over 100 years). They are only $40, but my husband may lose it if I buy another cup. I found the Maars Charger 40oz Insulated Travel Mug Tumbler with handle on Amazon for only $24.99. 

The Gold Anthropologie Mirror. The beautiful, fairy tale looking mirror. The $400 mirror. If you’re a member of Sam’s Club, you can find an almost identical mirror for only $149.

If you’ve never worn Lululemon leggings, you know they truly are like butter. I absolutely love them, but I cannot spend over $100 on the multiple pair of leggings. I found the best Lululemon dupes for under $20. The Yogalicious Leggings truly do feel almost the same.

Another Lululemon item is the infamous “Belt Bag.” Not only are they over $50, but they also are almost impossible to get your hands on. The RPET everywhere Belt Bag looks almost the same as Lulu’s and is a quarter of the price. 

Skims claims to make “Shapewear that enhances your curves to underwear that stretches to twice its size.” That sounds like an absolute dream, but the Skims’ price tag isn’t a dream. Thankfully, Maidenform has made their own style called Self Expressions Women’s Wear Your Own Bra Bodysuit 874 which has absolutely astounding reviews. The best part? You can find them at Target.

Finding a good concealer was way too difficult for me. I agree that Tarte’s Shape Tape is absolutely wonderful, but the $31 price tag is a little steep. I finally found an almost identical product at Target: the e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer. It lasts all day, doesn’t settle into my under eye wrinkles, and blends so well. 

The most exciting fashion statement that is back are Uggs. They may look “UG-ly,” but my goodness are they comfortable. The mini Ugg is the most popular with a whopping $160 price tab and it’s often sold out. Cushionaire has an almost duplicate for less than half the cost. They are in stock in most sizes and in many different colors. 

I am a blanket feen. I have a bed blanket, couch blanket, cold, but not too cold blanket, travel blanket, heated blanket, and more. I hate to admit it, but the Barefoot Dreams ®CozyChic™ Throw Blanket is truly heavenly, but not $150 heavenly. Sam’s Club is here again to say you can be boujee on a budget. The Member’s Mark Animal Print Cozy Knit Throw feels almost identical. The price point is the most appealing part. 

These dupes aren’t perfect and may not have the longevity or same return policy as some of the more reputable brands, but we are boujee on a budget. These are the best dupes I have found and I would love to hear yours! 

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