How the Lexus RX 350L Worked for My Family


For the month of April I had the pleasure of having my own Lexus Driver Experience. I have been driving the new 2018 Lexus RX 350L with the third row and I have loved it. This was my first encounter with the Lexus brand, and y’all, I’m blown away. From the friendly staff at Lexus of Knoxville, to the experience of driving a luxury brand, it has all been so smooth and so pleasant.

I want to share some of my favorite features of the Lexus RX 350L and why I’m sold on this brand.

There are dozens of things I could list about why I love this vehicle, but I am choosing to focus on two key aspects that have made my life as a mom better. The first is the easiness of the Lexus. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Pre-Lexus: When I walk out of Target with my three children, I am carrying a bunch of bags, a two-year-old, and trying to get my five- and six-year-olds to hold onto my hands or me as we make our way through the parking lot. When we get to the car, I loudly remind everyone of our rule: hands on the car. While they put their hands on the car (so that I can make sure they don’t run away in the parking lot) I open my purse and start digging for my keys while holding my two-year-old. I have a mom bag, so this takes a while. Finally, I unlock the doors and we get in.

With the Lexus: I walk out of Target with my three children — same scenario as above — except this time as we approach the car, I don’t have to yell “hands on the car” because as we get to the car, I reach for the handle and it unlocks automatically. My older kids open their doors and climb in. I put my two-year-old in her carseat and buckle her. It is so easy. That is how I would describe life with the Lexus — just so easy. While keyless entry is not a new idea (it is new to me though!), there are so many things that Lexus has done to go above and beyond the standard features.

The windshield wipers are automatic, so every time it rains, I don’t have to turn them on — it just happens. The same is true for the bright lights — they turn on and off on their own. The heated seats and seat coolers (brilliant invention!) are also automatic, so on these cold April mornings I jump in the car and start warming up without having to do a thing. On hot afternoons, I have a refreshing and cooling sensation coming out of my seat. When people have asked me about driving the Lexus, my response has been, “It does everything for me. As a busy mom, my mind is always full with my kids, all of their stuff, my work, and the million other things I need to do on any given day. The fact that this vehicle does so many things for me just makes my life easier, and that is invaluable.” 

The second big thing I want to share is the safety of this vehicle. I am obsessed with it and who wouldn’t be.

As parents, safety is one of the biggest things we look for in a vehicle. I have been so impressed with the safety package that comes with the Lexus RX 350L. I love the blindspot alerts and the parking assist. When backing up there is an alert if you are going to hit something. If you don’t stop, the car stops for you! So that bike your kid left out that does a surprising amount of damage when you hit it (not that I would know), would not be an issue while backing out in the RX 350L.

My hands down favorite safety feature is the sway alert. When you sway outside your lane, the steering wheel vibrates letting you know you have swayed. Along those lines, there is also a brake alert. If a car in front of you has stopped and you are not stopping, the car alerts you with a noise and a big red box on the dash that says “BRAKE.” If you still do not brake, it brakes for you. We all know that distracted driving is dangerous and that driving with children in the car is nothing if not distracting. I love that the Lexus has all of these built-in features that keep my family safer in every day driving. While there are many obvious safety features that I use every time I drive, there are also so many more that are going on in the background that I may not ever know or think about. I feel so good driving my precious children around in a car that was built and designed with safety in mind.

So sad to give back the Lexus — we enjoyed the smooth ride so much!

Moms are in the car all the time and I hear it only gets worse as your kids get older. Some days I feel like I spend more time in my car than at my house. My experience driving the Lexus RX 350L has shown me that all that time in the car can actually be fun. The dependability of the Lexus brand, the luxury of the ride, the awesome features, the extra room for the family, and the safety features make the Lexus an amazing family vehicle. Go by and visit the wonderful people at Lexus of Knoxville. You will be just as impressed as I have been. 


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