Hosting the Holidays with Costco


Hosting the Holidays with Costco

You may or may not know that I am a Costco groupie. Some people like to go to the movies or out to dinner for date night…I’d prefer to go to Costco kid-less and meander the aisles while contemplating which items NEED to come home with me. On occasion, I have debated curling up on the floor model sofa and just taking a little snooze. I mean, it really is my home away from home. Please tell me I’m not the only one with a Costco obsession.

When I was asked to review some Kirkland products, I jumped at the opportunity. Go “home,” spend some money and write about Kirkland products. HECK YES. SIGN A SISTER UP. I did receive Kirkland products to write this review, but these are my honest to goodness opinions on the products and I would not lead you astray.

The holidays are quickly approaching and hosting our family gatherings warms my heart. If you’ve ever hosted just about anything before, you know it takes a lot of time, effort and planning. Look no further girl…I’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with making your guests comfortable. Did you know Costco has the most AMAZING bedding? The Kirkland sheets are 540 thread count and come in a six-piece sateen set. They are available in both queen and king size and are some of the best sheets I have found at the price Costco offers. In Knoxville, the King sheets are around $69 and the Queen size are around $59. What a steal! Your guests will think they are snuggling into a five star resort.

Hosting the Holidays with Costco

Don’t forget to stock the bathroom full of toilet paper, friend. The Kirkland toilet paper is decent quality and doesn’t chafe the…well, you know. It is over $10 cheaper than another leading brand of toilet paper. Totally worth the money saved! And while you are stocking the bathroom, go ahead and purchase the Kirkland shampoo and conditioner. It smells great, works wonderfully and is sulfate and paraben free, 100% vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals.

Once you have the beds made and the house in order, you definitely need to start thinking about what you will feed all these HANGRY peeps for the duration of their stay in your humble abode. Have no fear ladies, Costco has you covered again. Here are some of my very favorite Kirkland products that you MUST have for munching and crunching this season. It’s time to stock that pantry and the fridge full of yummies to feed those precious people you call family.

Belgian Luxury Chocolates: These are flipping delicious and are a MUST-have for your guests to devour or to give as gifts. They are wrapped in a cute little box with 46 pieces! I won’t tell if you want to hide from Aunt Marge in the bathroom and eat them all yourself. Get it girl. You deserve it.

Spiral Cut Ham: Skip the Honey Baked Ham and go straight for the Kirkland brand. When I made this my brother-in-law told me it was “the best ham he’d ever had.” Darn tootin’ it was! This is a staple in my holiday meal planning, every.single.year.

Hosting the Holidays with Costco

Broccoli Cheddar Soup: Great for a quick and easy lunch that can feed a large number of people. Costco carries several other types of Kirkland soups and while I haven’t tried them all, I bet they are amazing.

Organic Tortilla Chips: Perfectly crunchy and salty, great to set out on the counter with your favorite dip! Love love love the organic options that Costco offers! (They are also perfect to have on-hand when you are stress eating before all the fam arrives.)

Frozen Meat Lasagna: While homemade lasagna is my favorite, this frozen lasagna takes the fuss out of dinner. Pop this bad boy into the oven and it will feed a herd of people in a jiffy. It’s super cost effective too at around $13 for two pans! BAM! When I made it, two pans fed six adults and five children.

Apple Sauce: You MUST have these on hand for the kids to snack on. Ol’ Gramps and Gran are going to be pumping the kids full of sweets and you’ve got to get the nutrition in there somewhere. These apple sauce packets are sugar free, mess free and easy to grab and go!

If you go the Kirkland way this holiday season, you are sure to save a TON of money, have happy hearts and happy bellies! I have been so impressed with Costco and their high-quality Kirkland products. Thank you Costco for rocking this Mama’s world. Jingle Costco ALL the way! 

Are you attending our Costco Mom Hour on November 4th? We know you want to shop an hour early with us!

Knoxville Costco Mom HourWe strongly urge you to sign up for the Membership Special before the event so you can fully enjoy the event without waiting in line!

The Membership Special will be a $20 Costco Cash Card with a Gold Star Membership (plus $43 in coupons which will be mailed). Reader can purchase the special online, print it off, and redeem it in store. If they choose to upgrade to the Executive Membership they will get an additional $20 Costco Cash Card. Only for NEW members (i.e.: someone who has not been a member for at least 18 months). If a member refers a friend they will need to be present with the friend when the friend redeems their membership at the warehouse – the member will get a $10 Costco Cash card for the referral. Limit of 10 referrals per member.


Enjoy breakfast provided by Costco, giveaways, and the first 100 attendees receive swag bags! PLEASE register for this event through the link below so we can plan our event accordingly!

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