When I Grow Up, I Want to Be My Daughter


Having our daughter changed my life, forever. It changed the way my husband and I communicate and the roles we play in our daily lives. As a baby and toddler, life centered around her developmental skills, diaper changes, and learning to walk and talk. As she’s settling into “big kid” life getting ready to enter kindergarten in the fall, our focus is on manners, behavior, and beginning to consider critical thinking.

As I picked my daughter up from her weekly visit to her grandmother recently, it dawned on me I want to be her when I “grow up.”

My daughter is funny, brilliant, and gorgeous (if I do say so myself). She regularly makes up jokes and punch lines, even if they’re nonsensical to the rest of us. She creates engaging conversation and has such a thoughtful, sweet soul. I tend to forget she’s five and a half, not fifteen.

What I admire most about my daughter is how confident she is in everything she does. She may feel nervous when starting something new, but once she’s in it, she’s in it. There’s no looking back, questioning her decisions, or doubting any part of the process. In her short time on earth, my husband and I have quickly learned (and had to be sure other family members were aware) that you don’t question what she says she wants. It could be her outfit for the day, the meal she’s picking at a restaurant, or as I learned recently – the decor for her room at her grandfather’s new house. Yes, she can sometimes be the “teacher’s pet” and doesn’t hesitate to discipline her friends when they’re playing together…but in our house, we call those leadership skills.

I get so caught up in my to-do list…worrying about checking off one more thing or keeping up with the Joneses. Did I exercise today? Am I giving 100% at work? Is our house clean enough? What do I look like next to these other moms? How will they view me? My daughter takes the opposite approach. She’s kind to new friends and makes sure no one feels left out. She’s just as excited to see someone else do well as she is proud of herself for doing an awesome job. She doesn’t worry about what people will think about her outfit or how her hair looks. She rocks what she’s got with complete positivity and confidence. Talk about a role model for her momma!

My favorite author has been quoted as saying that the day her first child was born, was the day she was born, too. They’ve “grown up together.” As I imagine what life will be like for our little family in the coming years, I hope it will include me picking up the habits I most admire from my daughter and putting them to good use day in and day out.

I also hope that her current attitude stays in full effect as she gets older. But what I look forward to the most down the road is seeing the strong girl I raised become a strong young woman and along with her, a momma that followed in those footsteps.


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