Getting Out Of The Mom Funk


Getting Out Of The Mom FunkMom funk is a mood, a mood I think every mom gets from time to time. It is exactly like what it sounds like: you may not be in a deep depressive state, but something is “off.” Mom funk can look different to different people, and each mom will have her own experience, but one thing is constant: every mom will go through it. If you don’t, I would love to know your secret!

Here are some mom funk symptoms:

  • Being sad
  • Easily frustrated
  • Not motivated
  • Exhausted/tired
  • Quick to anger
  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Needing more alone time than normal
  • Having trouble focusing

What can you do about mom funk?

The good news is there are some things you can do to help clear away the funk. Again, everyone’s experience is different and some suggestions may work better than others. I picked a few that were a common thread in my research.

  1. Go outside

    In all of the articles I read, this is the main thing listed. The importance of getting outside seems to be huge. A fellow Knoxville mom suggested going outside within the first hour of being awake in order to reset your clock naturally.

  2. Practice self-care

    If you’re like me, this one may make you chuckle a bit. Depending on the stage of motherhood you’re in, you may not have the time for this one. Whenever anyone says this to me, I kind of roll my eyes and think, “Yeah right, when?” But as the clichés say, “You can’t pour from an empty glass” and “Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.” Even if it’s just for a moment — a cup of coffee, a shower, or extra time in the bathroom playing on your phone — give yourself a little time.

  3. Take a break from social media and limit screen time

    This is something that most articles had in common, and my mom friends have said as well. We often get so caught up in the latest social media trends or watching the perfect family with the perfect life post their perfect vacation photos. This can make us feel inadequate. But the fact of the matter is that perfection isn’t real. If you find yourself in the endless cycle of trying to keep up with the Jones, it’s time to limit screen time or take a step back from social media. There is no shame in going back after taking some time to reset.

  4. Accept help

    Again, if you are like me, this suggestion may make your eyes roll. We are moms — we take care of people. Why would we need help, right? Let’s be real: being a mom is hard, a lot of times we go through things without the help we need, and we don’t want to ask because we may see it as a form of failure. Something I learned recently is that the struggles I have as a mom, other moms have experienced too. To the mom in the grocery store with a toddler throwing a tantrum: I know what it’s like. Who knows what we’re going through than other moms? So when someone offers help, why not accept it? Or even more, why not ask for help when we need it?

  5. Spend time with your loved ones

    This one may seem a little contradicting, but I find sharing your hobbies with the people you love to be a great mood elevator. Enjoy crafting? Find a craft you can do with your kids to help teach them something you love. That being said, whenever kids get involved, planning and organizing fly out the window. This one may take a little patience, but I think it’s worth it in the end. If spending time with friends makes you happy, pick a night to get dinner of coffee with your girls. Turn your mind off for a night and just enjoy your company.

  6. Get organized

    Make a to-do list, clean out the junk drawer, declutter the kitchen counter, do anything that can give your space a little clarity. This can help relieve some anxiety and help establish some level of control. If you’re anything like me, the organizing process is a relief.

  7. Journal

    Taking the time to write down your thoughts can give you a chance to sort through them. Sometimes it is easier to express things on paper. Find quotes that you may want to look back on later and keep them in one place.

  8. Get some exercise

    Ugh, I know right? But I don’t know if anyone can really deny that physical activity is good for a person. Even if it is taking time to go for a walk (bonus points if it gets you outside) or doing a full routine at the gym, getting exercise can be a major “funk removal.”

  9. Get a physical/see a doctor

    This was another thing brought to my attention by my expert Knoxville mom friend. Getting out of your funk could truly be something that needs professional attention. It is possible hormones could be out of balance or that you need vitamins. It could even be that it is the oh so taboo topic of mental health, which really should not be something to be embarrassed about.

  10. Know it’s okay

    I would say this is the most important! You’re not meant to be a robot without feelings. Sometimes things will be hard and you’re completely allowed to feel drained.

You’re not broken, you’re not alone, and mama, you’ve got this!


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