Get In My Bag! Monthly Mama Faves {Series}


Here’s to a new month full of crisp spring air and blooming flowers. OK, so blooming flowers bring lots of allergies, but here are some things to help you forget all about that. Keep reading to see what items I love. I’m pretty sure you will agree once you try them.

Butterbean Organics

It’s definitely always important to carry sunscreen, no matter what time of year it is. Now that it’s heading into the warmer days of the year, you want to make sure you have a trusted sunscreen in your bag at all times. I’ve just discovered this brand and I’m thrilled! Not only is it mineral-based, but it also has non-GMO certified organic ingredients, it’s chemical-free/preservative-free, has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage, among other things! This is a major score and it’s perfect for the whole family. I also love the perfect bag-sized containers!

MILANI Amore Matte Liquid Lipstick


You all know I always have to toss in a lip product. What can I say…I’m a complete lip product junkie. I discovered this at CVS and it literally rocks. It’s a liquid lipstick that smells like cake and stays put (this color is called Adorable). It has a nice and creamy texture and once it dries, it doesn’t feel like chalk on your lips. They have a ton of colors and I just saw they added 15 new colors! Being a busy mom, longevity and price are important and more practical for me. This lip creme is a win-win, especially for less than $10.

“Not Your Mother’s” Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo


This is my ALL-time MAMA MUST-HAVE!!! The ultimate beauty arsenal to carry with you at all times!! Never used a dry shampoo?? Girl, you are missing out! I use this year round whenever I want to stretch it out one more day, until another wash. Okay, okay…a few more days! Even with dark hair, all I need to do is spray it, rub my fingers back and forth in my roots, and WHOA!! Fresh hair with INSTANT volume. Everyone needs some dry shampoo in their life. This specific one smells like sugar (I see a trend…I evidently love things that smell like a bakery). I’ve tried many brands, and I love this one most. A few of our contributors love the Batiste brand. Both of these brands can be found pretty much anywhere and the price point is on point.

Bed Head Straighten Out


The first time my hairdresser used this in my hair, she was telling me how amazing this product is and how she goes through bottle after bottle. It didn’t dawn on me until the second or third day without washing, that I realized how great, straight and smooth my hair looked and felt. She wasn’t kidding…this stuff is amazing. It has 98% humidity resistant, so buh-bye frizzies.

 Essie “Play Date”

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate, than with fun and festive nails! This color is one of my spring/summer staples because it’s a beautiful “not quite pastel, but not too bright” shade. This punch of color brightens up my day, even when I’m in the midst of the morning hustle, shuttling my son to school in whatever I find to throw on…wrinkled or not. Their formula is a nice and thin consistency, which helps it last longer. Non-goopy plus long wearing formula equals a great mommy must-have!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s mama faves and maybe even try some of them out. I promise, I will never lead you astray! Have you tried out anything from any previous posts? I would love to hear your opinions! 


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