Favorite Spring Refresh Tips


Favorite Spring Refresh Tips Spring is finally here! I love getting out and seeing the beautiful blooms, hearing the singing birds and sitting in the warm sunshine.

As we enter this new season, here are a few ways to transition your home to spring:

  1. Inside the house. Trade out heavier throws and pillows for a lighter weight fabric. I like to trade my wool throws for cotton or linen. It’s also a good time to give everything a good wash before putting it away for the season. I like to change out greenery and freshen up areas like the coffee table and shelves. A new vase, collected objects and something cut from the yard is always a recipe for something new and fresh!
  2. In the closet. Now is a good time to put away heavy sweaters and swap in warm weather favorites. I like to make a pile of things to keep, donate or consign. I put baskets at the top of my closet to corral winter items like scarves and heavier socks. It also looks pretty!
  3. Outside the house. I LOVE planting flowers! I clean out my beds and planters to get ready for the new season. I make a plan for what I would like to plant and see what other materials I need. Planting is like painting to me and I use the color of flowers and the texture of plants to plan my landscape.
  4. In the garage. I have kids that play multiple sports that change season to season.  Bins have become a lifesaver for keeping gear together. We keep cold weather gear together like snow pants and gloves. Each sport has a basket assigned to it so we aren’t chasing shin guards or other missing practice essentials.

These are just a few simple ways to transition into a new season. What’s your favorite way to freshen up for spring? Let us know your favorite tips in the comments below.


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