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By a show of hands, is anyone just a little bit on the particular side of things? Yup, me too friends! I think it is probably one of the things my husbands loves most about me – and by love I mean tolerates. But hey, we all have our quirks, right?

Fall and Christmas, while they are my happiest of happy places, they always bring out the most particular side of me. Since I’m a photographer, I take so many photos of my kids at this time of year which also means I might be a little particular about what they are wearing. But it turns out, my kids are pretty particular too, so I have often found myself turning to Etsy to help us reach a compromise. My little man is an “absolutely no buttons” kind of dude. Like, if I decide to fight the battle there is usually some bribary involved. And my little lady is all about some fancy clothes. If the dress doesn’t spin out far enough when she twirls, it is not the dress for her.

So here are some of my favorites Etsy shops for fall and Christmas. It’s where I have found so many things that fit their personalities to a tee but still keep me smiling at how adorable they are in these cute finds.

Also, to know me is to know that gift-giving is one of my love languages. I search endlessly for perfect, personalized gifts, especially at Christmas. I like to give personalized gifts that are meaningful so Etsy has helped me a few of those places too.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites…

Soda City Sewing

Having boy and girl twins, it is rare to find a place that sells matching clothes that I love. And even better, the shirts for the little boys don’t have buttons! They delivered these items so fast and I love that they are reversible so they can wear them all fall and into Thanksgiving. They have great stuff for any occassion – Christmas, first day of school, etc. Oliver even told me that that pants felt like pjs and they are so adorable on him — win, win!



Creative House Gift Boutique

Katie is one of my former brides so we are Facebook friends and when I saw that she opened this shop, I took a peek. I loved it instantly and last year my parents gifted me with one of these ornaments that had my dog’s name on it. My dog is my baby — he’s 10 and a perfect dog for our family. I adore this ornament because he’ll always be with us, even when he’s not, but I also just love how classy it is. I’ve searched high and low for personalized dog ornaments and some of them are just tacky, if I’m being honest. I love that this one is simple and sweet, just like my dog! Not a dog person? You will also find first year married, engaged, and baby ornaments and a whole host of other gifts too.

Bird Design

Ok, this one might be tough to buy if you aren’t familiar with photoshop at all. It’s great in any form of photoshop, so if you have some basic knowledge, you are set. Bird Design is my favorite place to find Christmas card templates! I am WAY too particular to not have control over a Christmas card layout and these designs are so beautiful! But it doesn’t have to be terribly costly either. Buying one of these gorgeous templates is $8 and all you have to do is drop your photos in and then you can say whatever you want with them. I then order from which is as little $1.27 per card (almost exactly what you would pay at Shutterfly). And these are customized and original designs that your friends probably won’t also use! Here is our Christmas card from two years ago — it’s my most favorite card ever!


Haddon Co.

Back before my little dude could tell me he hated buttons, I dressed him in these dapper outfits. I think these are the cutest outfits ever for baby boys. How handsome would he be in one of these at Christmas?

Little Mayz

Forewarning: these are definitely not the cheapest dresses in the world. However, and you may not believe this, but I once bought a dress for my daughter’s first birthday and she’s about to turn four and can still wear it! She’s definitely on the smaller side but the nice thing about these dresses is that they have some space in them and are really cute both as a long dress or as a knee-length dress. On her first birthday the dress was down to her feet but now it’s one of her favorite spinning dresses. I just bought this dress for her for this year and I’m hoping to get a few falls out of this one as well.


Three Wild Girls

Here’s another shop that does matching outfits really well. And they are comfortable which my son likes and they make dresses which my daughter prefers. And how cute will they be in matching Rudolphs this Christmas? They are both Rudolph-obsessed so I love that they will be so excited to wear these!


All Things Herbal

I once bought my dad, my husband and my brother-in-law soaps that smell like beer from this neat little shop. And because they all really like beer, they loved it. It was a fun little gift and one that they used. But don’t worry; you can buy other things too if you don’t want to smell like beer all day, every day. I think you would have a hard time not finding a perfect soap for that hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas list at this shop. And they have gift options and usually throw in some samples with your order. “Our passion is to make earth friendly products that keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.”

Gameday Darling

Here’s something for the sassy TN football fan in your life. From ducks pulling trucks to Peyton for President this shop is sure to make anyone smile if you give this as a gift or just order it for yourself. And the owner is a Knoxville Mom’s Blog contributor too, so you know she’s a smart one!

I love Etsy because you can find so many personalized items, but keep in mind that some of these things take time to get. Most shops are a one person operation so they can only do so much so. If you are thinking of ordering for fall or Christmas, you must start thinking about it now in order to get them in time. Happy shopping!


  1. I just found your blog! LOVE your pics of our turkey outfits on your sweet kids! And these other shops are great too- some I hadn’t heard of yet! Thanks so much for sharing the love! 🙂


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