Easy Couscous Vegetable Salad


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Easy Couscous Vegetable Salad

I love a good easy meal. I may cook for a living, but at the end of the day, I’m like everyone else; I want something delicious that I didn’t have to spend a ton of time on. This couscous salad fits the bill. It only takes five minutes to make the couscous and I use raw veggies.

Essentially, it’s a 10-minute meal. That’s a total win in my book. 

Full disclosure: my husband and kids don’t eat the exact same meal as me when I fix this salad. I take the plain couscous and stir in some Parmesan cheese and top it with either shrimp or leftover chicken. Then, after I take out the plain couscous, I stir in all the yummy veggies. I’m still not making a separate meal, and it doesn’t add any extra time to my prep. 

I’m also a HUGE fan of meals that can be easily adapted to whatever you have in your pantry or fridge at the moment. If you don’t have any sun dried tomatoes or artichokes, then use frozen or canned corn, chickpeas, or jarred roasted red peppers. I’ve used a ton of different combinations depending on what I have on hand and I always love the results.

I love to use my lemon dressing to toss with the salad, but it’s so good plain too! I use whatever light dressing I have if I don’t have any of my homemade lemon dressing in the fridge. Play around and see what delicious flavors you can create. 

What’s your go-to easy and refreshing salad? Share with us by leaving a comment!


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