Easter Traditions and Memories to Make

Easter Traditions and Memories to Make 
Easter is a special time for family traditions and memories to be made. Whether you have long-lived traditions to continue or you are just starting to think about which ones you might want to incorporate into your family’s life, it is always a good time to make memories.

Below are some of our favorite ideas for Easter traditions. Pick and choose what works best for you and your family!

1. Egg hunts — go to one or do your own.

We usually enjoy going to a bigger egg hunt or two in the community and then we always do a little hunt for the kids at the grandparents’ house. My kids love the sibling-competitive hunt around the yard. It always ends up being a highlight for us. Check out this post that shares about Easter events all over Knoxville! You can find information on egg hunts, photos, and more.

2. Easter photos.

Whether it is a full on-photo shoot with sweet little farm animals or the more traditional Easter Sunday morning family picture or even the Easter bunny, marking the occasion in time with a photo is always good. Katherine has some awesome photography tips for us so we can make our little ones look awesome in any picture we take! 

3. Spring crafts, like this egg tree.

Here Jenny shares the details on the egg tree she decorates with her boys each year. Sweet, creative idea to do with the kids.

4. The Easter Bunny.

If your family enjoys seeing the Easter bunny each year, make sure to catch him before he hops out of town. I hear he’s at the mall and some other places around town. Check the Easter events post {tap or click on the link in #2} to find more details.

5. Set the Easter table together and let the kids write the place cards.

This is the sweetest idea I learned from one of our contributors. When you let the kids write the place cards, not only are you boosting their confidence by allowing them to do such an important and special job, but you are also creating a keepsake of their handwriting over time. My type A self cringes at the thought of a messy place card, but my mama heart loves the idea of my kids feeling good about it. 

6. Dying eggs.

Classic. Easter. Fun. Sure it gets messy. Sure it stinks. Sure someone will probably cry because their egg was supposed to look pink but it just looks purple. But hey, nothing says Easter family fun like dying eggs. Am I right? 

7. Planting jelly beans.

Have you seen this? Apparently if you “plant” jelly beans in your yard, they grow into lollipops after the Easter bunny visits. Call me cynical, but this sounds like a lot of work on my part. But the word is that kids LOVE it and it is one of those magical things of childhood that is a treasured memory. I’m considering trying it this year.

8. Easter egging a friend’s house.

Not like you might have done as a teenager, you naughty reader. This kind involves the plastic eggs, candy, and your kids in tow. Throw eggs all around a friend’s yard and surprise them with a little at-home Easter egg hunt. What a fun thing to wake up to, right? 

9. That Easter basket though.

Whether you already have everything you plan to stuff your children’s baskets with or you wait until the Saturday before Easter to get it all, we all know the joy of an Easter basket. Check out this post from Kara with some great ideas in case you need some.

10. Church and brunch/lunch/dinner.

I love the Sunday morning church service followed by mouth-water yummy goodness. Whether you hit up an amazing brunch around town or you cook up an impressive meal yourself, somehow food just tastes better on Easter.

I’d love to know — what are your favorite Easter traditions and memories with your family? 


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