Easter, Er Christmas 2.0?


Easter, Er Christmas 2.0?Growing up, the Easter Bunny always left our baskets full of candy. Well, honestly, he {she?} left our baskets full of my mom’s favorite candies ironically. We didn’t wake up to a basket full of toys, clothing, or fancy candy. Our Easter Bunny obviously bought the big bags of bulk candy and split it amongst all the baskets left on the counter. It was always so much fun finding all the open jelly beans and chocolate eggs through all the “grass” that lined our baskets.

My most favorite thing about Easter, chocolate aside, was the scavenger hunt the Bunny left for us. One person would have a clue in a plastic egg in their basket and once read, the hunt began. The clues would take us around the house and all around our yard, until the last clue pointed us to the holy grail, our big Easter present.

It was legit, y’all. The suspense of finding your gift mixed with having to be smart enough to decode the clues. Off. The. Chain.

But then, one day, Millennial Moms decided that Easter needed to be revamped. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and an assortment of bulk candy was LAME. We took it upon ourselves to PERFECTLY CURATE Easter baskets. Guys. If you want to take a journey, hop on over to Instagram and search Easter baskets. If you were a mom in the ’80s or ’90s, you may die, so you’ve been warned.

These baskets have themes, whether a color theme, product or brand theme. They are filled with stuffies that cost $40+ that I assure you will get thrown into your child’s floor pile of stuffies in a matter of minutes. They have everything this child will need for a summer of outdoor play. There’s list upon list of awesome non-candy ideas {I am absolutely in support of these baskets for kiddos with allergies, so don’t hate me}. People have curated these baskets weeks ahead of time, photographed, and finished with the perfect filter with their post on socials.

WHY ARE WE SO OFF THE CHAIN, MILLENNIAL MOMS? We are extra to the absolute fullest extent. And, we totally know it.

Full disclosure: I went through my kids’ basket fillers today and I AM OUT OF CONTROL. It will be Christmas 2.0 over here, friends. Not only is each basket going to be full of a hodge podge of items, that scavenger hunt that I loved as a child? Yep. One big gift to top it off.

You’ll never get me to stop my scavenger hunt with a gift at the end, but guys, can we please make bulk candy cool again? Peeps torn apart and tossed into those baskets and our kids have to pull the weird “grass” off of the sticky marshmallow part? AHHHHH, THOSE. WERE. THE. DAYS.

On Sunday morning, my kids will race to the kitchen to see a basket full of all. the. things. I am going to soak up the excitement, while sipping my coffee and being the most thankful that the Easter Bunny doesn’t wrap gifts.

But, next year I’m going to be a ’90s mom.


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