Dear Nipple Shield, I Love You


Dear Nipple Shield,

Thank you for making up for my {literal} shortcomings. 
Because of you I was able to nurse my babies. I will admit, I never knew nipples could be so different. Silly me thought that all nipples were the same. I guess I never did much research into the realm of nipples — who knew?

But, you gave my babies something to latch onto when my body failed them.

They said we’d only be friends for a short while, but here we are nine months later, still besties.

Thank you for saving my nipples from cracks and blisters on the first go ’round. I thought I was a pro this second time and I wouldn’t need you, but I came crawling back cracked and blistered.

They said you’d lower my milk supply, but the three freezers full deny that.

You get a bad rap, but I’m here to sing your praises. 

You held my hand, er nipple, through a bout of mastitis through no fault of your own. You have helped me survive clogged ducts, blisters, and even oversupply issues. I am forever grateful for our friendship.
We have had our struggles, dear nipple shield. Like trying to nurse in any public type of setting…you always seem to put up a fight on those occasions, but we persevered or I walked back to the car…
I apologize that you get stashed away in an old retainer case — it’s your own secret hiding place. Maybe Medela will soon make you your own cute little storage container. 

Our time together is dwindling and while I enjoyed having you around, I’ll be glad for the day when I don’t have to pack you in the diaper bag or hunt you down in the middle of the night. 

Thank you for being such a faithful friend. 

Love always,


P.S.: Thanks for being there when the baby wanted to pinch the nipple and all she got was you. #savethenipples


  1. This just made me smile especially the part where we “knew it all” the second time around and didn’t have to use it. I ended up scabbed and bleeding and gave in and now I’m not giving up. Thanks for making it light and funny !


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