Crafts to Make You Feel Like A Kid Again



Remember the crafts you did as a kid? Crayons, paint, glue, and glitter were mainstays in my craft repertoire as a child. Now I’m sad to admit that Pinterest is my craft of choice. I’m a craft pinning queen, but RARELY ever get around to doing any of them. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of adults doing crafts that I remember from my childhood. I’ve recently tried three that brought back a ton of memories – and I plan to be sharing these with my children soon – maybe even during spring break next week!

Glitter Earrings


These are so super simple to make. My friend, Niki, posted her creations on Instagram, and I knew I had to make a pair. They are “Kate Spade” inspired, and are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

First you will need to purchase some large “diamond” earrings. DO NOT USE REAL DIAMONDS – use the $2.99/2 set from Target. Then get some glitter in the color of your choice, I particularly like green and St. Patrick’s Day is next week, and some clear nail polish.


Coat earring “diamond” with nail polish and sprinkle on glitter. Let dry. Repeat those steps 3 more times. Then, add 3 additional coats of just the nail polish (drying between each coat). I used a cup with a paper towel stretched (and rubber banded) across the top to hold the earring so I wouldn’t have to touch it and smear the glitter/wet polish.

Friendship Bracelets


How many hours did you spend making these? I know the big thing a few years ago was the Rainbow Loom, but I’ve fallen in love with threaded bracelets again. And I’ve been seeing them everywhere on Pinterest, so I’m not the only one!

Here is my first bracelet. I made a few mistakes, but hey – it’s been a few years. I followed the You Tube tutorial found here for just the basic angled bracelet. She made it really easy, and I am using her other videos to make some more advanced bracelets. And that loop with the button closure – genius!! Remember when you just wore them until the broke.


And to make it a little more chic, I’m considering getting a jewelry chain and clasp to make my own bracelet that looks like this.

Shrinky Dinks


Remember when you bought those My Little Pony printed sheets of plastic, colored them with the included pencils, and then had your mom bake them until they shrunk to a quarter of the size? I’ll never forget looking through the oven door as they curled and shrunk. Well, now you can again!!


Instead of purchasing the pre-printed, I opted for the blank sheets of Shrinky Dinky plastic. I was able to find my own designs online and trace them onto the paper. I used my daughter’s colored pencils to decorate and then shrunk them in the oven. I’m making mine into a magnet, but they can be used as keychains, earring, charms, or pendants. I’ve also seen rings and wrist cuffs made out of the plastic.

Not all my crafts turned out quite so well.  See the pink and black Little Mermaid above.  It didn’t shrink the way it was supposed to. I guess practices makes perfect!


Do you do any crafts that you learned as a kid? Is there any craft you wish you still did or are planning on starting again?


  1. If you use the bottom of a glass right after they come out of the oven, you can sometimes press the Shrinky Dinks back into shape. Although you could put a pinback on it and you’d have yourself quite the conversation piece!

    I never made a friendship bracelet. Anybody remember friendship pins? The kind people wore on their shoes? Just me, then? I’ll see myself to the retirement home.


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