Chattanooga’s Little Debbie Park


Chattanooga's Little Debbie ParkSnack lovers’ dreams are coming true! You can check out life-size Little Debbie’s at one of Chattanooga’s newest parks. Little Debbie Park, located in Collegedale right off the interstate, has something for everyone! 

My kids and I travel south frequently and I am always looking for great pit stops along the way. This one checks all of my boxes! It is safe, has clean restrooms, is easily accessible and dog friendly, has lots of room, and it’s entertaining. It’s down the road from Cambridge Square where you can find lots of restaurants and shopping. 

This park truly is phenomenal!

It is huge with tons of open space to run around. The playground equipment is spread out in various clusters so you don’t have to all congregate in one area. Whether you have young toddlers who like to climb on the life-size Little Debbie cake replicas or adventurous older kids who like climbing or zip-lines, there is something for every age to enjoy! The best part for parents is that there are plenty of shaded seating areas where you can keep everything (and everyone!) within your line of sight. Talk about the dream of every tired traveling mom, am I right?


If you haven’t been yet, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s worth the trip! 


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