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October is a great month.  I love October.  I love all things fall, and October is really fall.  As if it wasn’t great enough already, last year I joined in a blogging challenging in October.  You see, the Nester has a challenge in October to write for 31 days on one topic.  I always found it daunting, but since last year as a whole was incredibly challenging for me anyway, I knew I needed to do the writing challenge, and I also knew exactly what topic I needed to write on.  I spent the month of October last year writing on 31 Days of Hope.  This challenge isn’t just for bloggers or writers.  It’s for anyone.  I am participating in the Nesting Place challenge again this year.  And here’s why:

I realized that this is such a good thing for me to do to challenge myself.  It’s not easy, there’s not time for it, it will take more energy, and it will take a lot of creativity.  And while those things scared me and gave me good reason not to do it before last year, this year I am looking at those things thinking this will be great!  Because as a mom — I really don’t challenge myself.  Don’t hear me wrong, I AM challenged all.the.time but that’s different.  That’s being sleep-challenged, and pulled in 8 different directions at the same time-challenged.  It’s not the same as using my brain and stretching myself.  You see, this is a challenge that is just for me.  It’s something I do for myself.  Not taking away from my family, but adding to me.  

So as I start this challenge for the month of October, I want to encourage you to challenge yourself.  I’ve thought of all the excuses.  This is a crazy, busy time of year.  And it might be the craziest, busiest we’ve ever been.  But it’s a good time to do it.  Because now is a better time to do it than later.  Later doesn’t happen.  

So whatever your challenge for yourself may be — think about it and do it.  Start exercising, make those moves towards a healthier lifestyle, write for 31 days, spend time by yourself each day, learn something new.  Whatever it is that would challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone — do it.  You will grow, and I hope you will find it worth your hard efforts.  


Follow along with me as I write through October And share your challenge with us, too!

We love to hear from you. 

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  1. Great post Lauren!!

    I find it so easy to lose myself in the daily battles of motherhood, so challenging myself on a me level would be a great way to reclaim myself.


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