Brain Balance: Helping Kids Who Need Help


Angel Ogden and her husband weren’t getting anywhere in their search to find help for their middle daughter who had genetic issues and struggled academically. They kept hitting dead ends. Then they heard about a unique program called Brain Balance that focused on the whole child. Angel and her husband decided to give it a shot. There was a catch, however. They had to drive from their home in Knoxville to Georgia three days a week for three months to attend the one-hour sessions. Their travel, time and economic commitment paid off. It wasn’t long before Angel and her husband started to see big changes in their daughter.

Angel and her husband knew part of her success was the different approach at Brain Balance.

“We loved the support we got and received. We had a lot of people tell us what to do, but Brain Balance actually walked us through step by step.” Though Angel’s daughter was now thriving, she realized not everyone can make the trip to Georgia. That’s when the Ogdens decided to bring the innovative program to Knoxville.

How does it work?

Brain Balance uses all-natural methods to stimulate the weaker side of the brain and, in effect, balances the brain. From physical exercises for the core and eyes to exercises for the brain using worksheets and computers, every lesson is carefully customized for the individual child. Angel explains what parents can expect: “As we do this the child now has a teachable, trainable brain. If they were two years behind in math, they can catch up.” Brain Balance’s program goes beyond the one-hour sessions with the highly trained and certified instructors. Angel says nutrition is a key component: “We want to make sure that what we’re putting in is feeding the whole body.” Each family receives a basic nutrition plan complete with recipes. Families also have access to Brain Balance’s team of dieticians for questions and concerns.

Who can it help?

Whether a child has been diagnosed with a condition or not, Brain Balance is able to help with social, behavioral and academic areas for children ages four to 24. Angel says the program is beneficial to children with a wide variety of needs: “It could be as little as struggling with academics to higher functioning autism.”

How do you get started in the program?

Children are carefully assessed and a few days later, a member of the Brain Balance team sits down with the family to review the results. Then an individualized plan is mapped out. It starts with nutrition at home. Then sessions in the center begin. Brain Balance is constantly tracking the child’s progress. Each month a team member reviews that progress and, if necessary, makes any changes to the program. Once the program is completed, the full assessment is done again to demonstrate the child’s gains. Angel says that’s not where the Brain Balance program stops. A full year later another full assessment is done. Angel explains the reasoning: “The brain should be growing and developing and we want to make sure that’s still happening and, if it’s not, we want to figure out why.”

Angel hopes her personal experience with Brain Balance will encourage other families to explore the program. If that doesn’t convince them, she points to the research that supports the Brain Balance method, including a study by Harvard University’s McClean Hospital. Angel sums it up on the Brain Balance Farragut website:

“We understand the pain and frustration of watching your child struggle with learning or behavioral issues…Our groundbreaking program provides lasting results because we don’t simply work with a child’s strengths or compensate for a weakness, we tackle the root cause of the issue.”


Brain Balance Quick Facts: Farragut Location Opened in 2017, 85 Students Total, Thousands Helped Nationally, Specials, Sibling Discounts & Payment Plans Available


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