Be Kind, Be Patient, Use Your Words: Lessons For Kids AND Moms


Be Kind, Be Patient, Use Your Words: Lessons For Kids AND MomsAs moms, we spend a lot of time reminding our kids of all ages to be kind, be patient, and to use their words. This is one of our biggest jobs and we take it seriously. But as the VERY busy adults that we are, do we remember to practice these things ourselves when we get on the phone or chat with a customer service representative? Do you ever find yourself demanding they fix a mess up from their company in (maybe) not the kindest of words? 

It seems to me from talking with friends and also what I see on social media, that many companies do not seem to put much effort into getting things right or “wowing” their customers like they used to. It’s as if they know they are the best option and they don’t have to work for loyalty anymore. One example is a major A to Z online service that pretty much all of us use for their ease of shopping, our stored information, and the speedy shipping they offer. Except, things I used to get in 2 days now often take 5-7 days. The service price went up and shipping speed slowed down, once they hooked me in!

In this post-pandemic world where orders take longer to fulfill and companies don’t put customer service first, how do we express our frustration and get the solutions we “need”?

First, let me offer this bit of advice: split these two subjects. Your frustration is aimed at the company and/or the situation, and the customer service representative is not at fault. But they can possibly help with the solution. Remind yourself to be kind, and patient, and use your words. 

I have recently had to speak to several different customer service representatives. I have discussed incorrect medical billing, our mortgage company’s oversight that canceled our homeowner’s insurance for nonpayment, and a credit card that had a promotional balance and payment that they credited incorrectly, causing over $500 in interest fees.

I tend to be a pretty laid back person, but when a company’s oversight costs me, then I get angry quickly. But I remind myself to talk to the representatives as if they are humans with their own struggles, because they are, and in the end we all come out happier. I have had my issues resolved by people who then told me about their dog that I heard barking in the background of their home office. I had a representative give a $100 credit to my account when I messed up and a discount lapsed. He was kind, I was kind, and I asked him for his help. It was that simple. I have had several issues solved by people who thanked me for being kind and patient with them. And it makes me a bit sad to think that I am a rare part of their workday in that respect.

At the end of the day, I want to know that I tried to be a person that I can be proud to be, and more importantly, a person that I would be proud to have raised. If I’m not going to be the example that I want to see in my kids, then what kind of Mom am I?

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