Lauren Bouch

Hello! I am a Knoxville native, and I definitely bleed orange. I am married to my college sweetheart, Daniel, and we are blessed to be the parents of three little girls. I enjoy reading, running, coffee, re-watching Gilmore Girls (for the millionth time), going to concerts, and spending time outdoors. My faith plays a huge role in how I mother, and I strive to be an encouragement to other moms.

Learning From Loss

I had planned to write about something completely different, but it feels wrong to not write about the one thing I cannot get off my mind. You see, about the time I started to...

A Mom’s Guide to Instagram

Social media has its downfalls, but sometimes it can be fun and even helpful. I love Instagram, and I have recently realized just how useful it can be. Sure, you can use it to...

A Mom’s Ode to Leggings

I’ll admit it; I was a skeptic in the beginning. I swore I would never give in. I thought I was perfectly fine in my jeans. Besides, wearing you instead of “real pants” would...
Letting Go of The Perfect Christmas

Letting Go of the Perfect Christmas

‘Twas the month of December and all through the land, moms were making their perfect Christmas time plans. Plans for cute Santa pictures with no crying, gingerbread house making, and fabulous gift buying… Sound familiar?...

Lessons Learned Through Potty Training

  Not long after my twin girls turned two, I started to feel the pressure. My family began to inquire, the pediatrician asked, and other mom friends wanted to know when I was planning to...

Alphabetical Anniversaries

I believe in celebrating the big moments in life. Those days and events that no matter how much time passes, hold a special place in our hearts because they are the days that changed...

What You SHOULD Say to Twin Moms

Going out in public with my twin girls is always an adventure. Part of that adventure often involves responding to comments and questions about my girls and pretending not to hear people loudly whisper...