Change The World: Raise Kind Kids


Change The World: Raise Kind KidsNo matter what political party, religion, or social circle you belong to, life feels incredibly heavy right now. I know I am not alone in feeling anxiety as we raise kids in this world. Thinking about all that needs to change and all that is wrong is overwhelming. Some days, the future looks bleak and it’s hard to imagine anything improving. Sure, we can cast our vote and support causes and stand up for what’s right — all those things have value — but I believe, as moms, the most important way we can improve our world is by raising kind kids.

It might seem small and insignificant, but I believe that raising kind kids can make a huge impact.

When you boil it down, a lack of kindness is at the root of a lot of our society’s issues. We have forgotten how to love our neighbor and to simply apply the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated. As the people raising the next generation, we have the opportunity and responsibility to bring up children who will be better and do better than us.

Kindness is kind of like the opposite of Fight Club because the first rule is that you have to talk about it. Kids are not going to just naturally know how to be kind without you teaching them. Don’t assume your kids know they need to be kind to everyone. Let them know how important being kind is. Teach your kids to put others first and treat others fairly. Train your kids to be the kids who look for outsiders and try to include everyone.

We have to lead by example. The saying goes that more is caught than taught and it’s so true. Kids can see right through us when we aren’t practicing what we preach. This is a tough one because I know I am not always kind when I should be. Mamas, we are human. We mess up and that’s ok. Model for your kids how to handle the times you aren’t kind. Learning to say “sorry” is a key part of showing kindness. Remember that part of being kind is being kind to yourself in those moments when you make mistakes too.

One great way to model kindness is by spreading kindness in the community. Knoxville has so many great organizations that need volunteers and donations. Give money, your time, or your energy. Get your family involved. Plus, the holidays are coming up. Soon opportunities to be kind to those in need will be everywhere, so find a way to give back and do it with a smile.

Make sure your kids know how to disagree in a respectful and loving way. Help them understand that kindness isn’t agreeing with everyone. Kindness doesn’t mean you can’t have boundaries and that you have to put up with unkind people. But the conflict can be handled in a kind way. Show them how to get along with those who have an opposing view. Raise them to value others’ opinions, even if they differ. Show them how to have disagreements WITHOUT blasting someone on Facebook and without using violence or revenge to even a score. When someone is unkind to them, show them how to respond appropriately.

Mamas, don’t underestimate your role in making this world a happier one. We may not be able to fix all the world’s issues, but we can send out kind kids and make it a better place. Raise your kids right by raising them kind.


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