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Farragut Art Fest

Free Summer Family Fun Events In Farragut

Summer is finally here, and that means it’s time for some of your favorite outdoor activities in Farragut! Mark your calendars for the following events and see the full schedule of Town of Farragut...

I Forgot My Baby In The Car But I Was One Of The Lucky...

Every summer, we hear the heart-wrenching stories on the news about another child left to die in a hot car. A small percentage happen out of malice, but I am here to talk about...
Nativity at CAK

Faith And Learning: A 25 Year Nativity Tradition At CAK

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? For many of us, the birth of Jesus is the first image we see. We can easily imagine Mary holding her sweet baby Jesus with...

Abuse Isn’t Always Physical

For a long time, my marriage was in dire straits, but I didn't dare tell a soul. My husband and I were Instagram-perfect as far as anyone knew, and I intended to keep it...

Adventure Fun at Summer Camps with The Little Gym

Are you ready to put some “adventure" and summer games in your summer? Then it’s time to head over to The Little Gym for some awesome Summer Camps that keep your kids active! Help your kids...
AR Workshop Camps

Why D.I.Y. At Summer Camp {AR Workshop Knoxville}

Why D.I.Y. at Summer Camp? Art allows children to explore themselves and let them push the boundaries of their imagination. Art ignites something in kids that sticks with them for the rest of their lives and...
Knoxville Moms Neighborhood Egg Hunt Free Printable

Knoxville Moms Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Similar to the ‘bear hunts’ and ‘chalk walks’ we’ve seen popping up in neighborhoods all over America, our egg hunt works best if lots of neighbors (young and old) participate. So, spread the word...