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There are exciting things happening on the campus of Concord Christian School! Between building expansions and program expansions, CCS continues to grow in impactful ways and will look different next year. Concord Christian School is a ministry of First Baptist Concord church, and it was founded in 1996. CCS serves children from birth through high school graduation. Boasting small classroom sizes and a family feel, Concord maintains rigorous academic standards with graduating students who have gone on to attend 45 different colleges and universities across the country since the first graduating class of 2013.

Concord Christian School

Concord also offers a variety of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses, affording students the opportunity to earn college credit in advance without even leaving campus! Last year, CCS graduated 50 seniors who earned a total of $5.5 million in scholarships with 98% of those seniors accepted to the college of their choice. This comes as no surprise, considering the top 25% of the class earned an average GPA of 4.36 and an average ACT score of 29. This class boasted more than just academic excellence though, with 80% of them participating in a class mission trip to Puerto Rico, which helped make a lasting impact for Christ on San Juan and the surrounding communities. Additionally, 98% of those students participated in the school’s annual high school spiritual retreat, which is almost exclusively planned by student government leaders and organized by students in the senior class.

Concord Christian

When asked about their favorite part of attending school at CCS, seniors attributed their positive experience to the helpful teachers, small class sizes, and caring community. Visitors to campus often notice the same thing–there’s just a different feel when you enter the doors of Concord.

In an effort to further academic excellence and better equip students, Concord is currently enrolling for a 5th/6th Grade Academy slated to open for the 2024-2025 school year. Separating fifth and sixth graders into an academy setting will provide them with a more seamless transition into the upper school, and it will also afford them additional support as they navigate those pivotal pre-teen years. Research shows that students grow and develop more optimally in a smaller academic environment, and the dedicated team of teachers currently developing this program are focused on instilling students with the skills they’ll need to flourish in an upper school setting.

Academy students will receive detailed instruction on the following:

● How to organize digital files, use a Google Calendar, employ email etiquette

● How to better manage their time and further develop key note-taking and study skills

● How to cultivate Christian leadership traits accompanied with a variety of opportunities to practice those skills (e.g., joining Safety Patrol, becoming prayer volunteers, participating in local volunteer projects)

2024 Concord Christian SchoolAdditionally, students will have the chance to begin choosing 9 or 18-week electives, enroll in accelerated courses, and participate in projects like Operation Christmas Child and BizTown (e.g., an experiential-based learning program offered by Junior Achievement of East Tennessee). CCS science curriculum for K-8th grade has also been updated. Since August of 2023, elementary students have started using Mystery Science, an innovative digital platform that allows students to explore new science topics through interactive investigation and discovery. Students have been enjoying the new curriculum, and there has been a significant increase in their academic performance as well.

Middle school students began using Novare Science this year, a program that was already adopted by the high school several years ago. Novare emphasizes the core principles of wonder, integration, and mastery, granting students an appreciation for science through a Biblical lens. Having a science curriculum streamlined for 6th through 12th grades assists students with making a smoother transition into high school and increases academic performance.

This also marks the first year that Concord has transitioned to a digital standardized assessment for students in 2nd through 8th grade. Students in these grade levels are being assessed using MAP Growth, a more personalized platform that tracks achievement in reading, language, math, and science. While teachers retain the opportunity to use this data to fine-tune instruction, students are only assessed three times a year, and they are quick to celebrate personal growth rather than fixation on test scores. CCS desires to promote academic achievement and excellence without over-emphasizing standardized testing or “teaching to the test.”

Concord Christian School

High school students continue to take the Pre-ACT and ACT to measure academic performance. With program expansions and an incomparable Christ-centered culture, it’s easy to see why Concord Christian School continues to grow. The past two years alone have brought a 30% increase in global school enrollment, and that growth certainly necessitates additional space. In May of 2023, construction began on a new second story. Slated to be operational at the start of the 2024-2025 school year, the second story is prioritized space for upper school students, adds approximately 25,000 square feet of space, an additional 29 classrooms, and two state of the art science labs. This fresh new space will be modern, interactive, and, most importantly, permit CCS to seat additional students for families committed to Christian education. It’s an unprecedented time in school history to be certain, and Lions of every age are eagerly anticipating walking the halls of the new second story for the first time! With smaller class sizes, talented teachers, and additional course offerings and facilities, it isn’t hard to understand how CCS continues to grow and advance Kingdom Education and academic excellence.

If you’re searching for a Christian school community for your child, plan to book your tour and come see what Concord is all about. CCS is currently enrolling, and you can contact Admissions Director, Aly Grimes, at [email protected] or 865-672-1521 for more information or to schedule a tour. What are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to become a Concord Lion!


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