Haley McManigal

Hi there, I’m Haley, a middle-aged-momma to Lukas, Laney, and wife to Dan. We live in northeast Knoxville with our boston terrier Ali and cat Maxi. I was born and raised in east Tennessee and I love Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains so much, I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I am happiest when I’m reading, writing, exploring, and making things. When I’m not here, you’ll find me sharing my thoughts about creativity and facing fear on my blog.

Easy DIY Cupcakes for VOLS Fans

It's almost that time of year again. The countdown has begun, an orange haze is descending upon the city. Practice is underway, the hype is in full swing. We love Tennessee football in my...

When 9 to 5 Meets Motherhood :: 5 Tips for Balancing Career and Family

All my dreams are finally coming true. After years of struggle and longing and frustration and self doubt, at long last, I’m at a place in my career where I feel like I’m using...

They’re Watching Us

My two-year-old son said his first curse word recently. It was Easter Sunday and we were on our way to church, of all places, when he shouted out the S-word. My mom, his Mimi,...

Easy Easter Cupcakes

I love to bake, especially around holidays, and Easter is no exception. I try to make simple and easy designs that my son will love. So when I found him sneaking into the kitchen...

Surviving Spring as a Fisherman’s Wife

It’s mid-March. The weather has started to warm, the sun shines after a cold, wet, and dreary winter. These first few weeks of sunshine make me giddy with excitement and anticipation for spring. I...

A Letter to My Son on His Second Birthday

To my dear, sweet Baby Boy: I can’t believe you’re turning two! It seems like just yesterday your Dad and I brought you home from the hospital. The past two years have flown by with...

Chocolate Cherry Cordial Cupcakes for Your Sweetie

I am always very health conscious during the month of January. I set my resolutions to be healthy in the new year. I don't eat sweets, I exercise, and I drink all the water....