Haley McManigal

Hi there, I’m Haley, a middle-aged-momma to Lukas, Laney, and wife to Dan. We live in northeast Knoxville with our boston terrier Ali and cat Maxi. I was born and raised in east Tennessee and I love Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains so much, I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I am happiest when I’m reading, writing, exploring, and making things. When I’m not here, you’ll find me sharing my thoughts about creativity and facing fear on my blog.

The Holidays I Never Had

Picture it: 6:30am, Halloween morning, my son’s room.  I woke up early -- couldn’t sleep I was so excited. I’d been planning my 20-month-old son’s Halloween costume for weeks. He was going to be Luke...

Today I am Grateful

As we enter into November and the season of Thanksgiving, there is always a sudden focus on gratitude. Everyone starts talking about what they’re thankful for and we become all warm and fuzzy when...

Play to Your Strengths

Life is pretty crazy for me right now. I’m in a stage where I’m learning new things and facing brand new territory every single day. I’m entering the strange and wonderful world of toddlerhood...

Nailed It! Simple Steps for a DIY Kid’s Birthday Cake

I taught the Wilton Method of cake decorating for many years, and on the first night of class, I always asked my students what they hoped to learn. Why were they taking the class?...

Kids and Creative Hobbies: Can We Have Both?

My dining room table is where all my creative projects go to die. In a sudden burst of inspiration, I run to my special closet, drag out all of my art supplies, bring them into...

Handling the Hard Stuff

Every now and then, life throws me something that I really don't want to deal with. It might be something that scares me a little, or intimidates me, or maybe it's something that I don't...
Simple Dinner Rotation

Simple Dinner Rotation

I came home from work one day a couple months ago, frazzled and exhausted. I went through the motions of putting my stuff away, changing the baby's diaper, feeding the baby. I asked my...