Hey friends! I’m Christie and the proud mama of three amazing children, Eden, August, and Titus. We love to watch 80s commercials on YouTube before bed, grilling on the back deck, a good round of Clue, and loudly playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline, keeping our neighbors on their toes. We currently have zero pets because they all seem to run away, I cannot keep real plants alive, and the kids will be in high school, middle school, and elementary school in the fall, so all thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated. Being a part of Knoxville Moms has been such a blast and I have met some incredible women that have since become some of my dearest friends. Take a look at their stories, you’ll love them just as much as I do!

Free and Inexpensive Indoor Activities for Kids: 2017 Edition

Looking for something fun to do when it is bitter cold outside or insanely hot? Welcome to our Free and Inexpensive Indoor Activities for Kids, 2017 edition (note: click on the blue location to...
The Magic We Missed I Wish We Had Believed in Santa

The Magic We Missed: I Wish We Had Believed in Santa

I think most people from my generation have a "Santa story" from childhood. I can remember my parents, specifically my father, saying he saw Santa on "the radar on the news" and that he...
Why I Hate Running (and You Should Too)

Why I Hate Running (and You Should Too)

I am writing this post because, if you are reading it, I have completely fallen off of the deep end. Send help, send chocolate, and talk some sense into me.  In order to fully explain...

No, My Nine Year Old Doesn’t Have a Smart Phone

I remember being nine, and all I wanted that Christmas was a phone for my bedroom. I couldn't wait to twirl that phone cord between my fingers and chat for hours with best friends...
My Kids Are Growing Up

My Kids Are Growing Up, and I’m Not Sad

We went to the zoo over the weekend. Just the kids and I, like "old times," as they like to say. I had a single backpack with a few drinks and granola bars, my...
I Can Still Hold You

I Can Still Hold You When You Are Five

"Why are you still in your underwear?" I nudged with a slight hint of chill in my voice. "Five year olds can dress themselves." Rolling around on the couch in nothing but a pair of...

We Only Have 18 Summers

As we live in an area that (for the most part) experiences all four seasons, there are subsequently what I like to call the Four Seasons of the Internet. The same themes tend to...