Hey friends! I’m Christie and the proud mama of three amazing children, Eden, August, and Titus. We love to watch 80s commercials on YouTube before bed, grilling on the back deck, a good round of Clue, and loudly playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline, keeping our neighbors on their toes. We currently have zero pets because they all seem to run away, I cannot keep real plants alive, and the kids will be in high school, middle school, and elementary school in the fall, so all thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated. Being a part of Knoxville Moms has been such a blast and I have met some incredible women that have since become some of my dearest friends. Take a look at their stories, you’ll love them just as much as I do!
I Am Already Proud of You

I Am Already Proud of You Today

In the early morning confines of a closed room with sleepy, growing children, there's a certain sadness that washes over me, momentarily, as I creak open the door. Gone are the days of midnight...

Say Hello to My Seven-Year-Old Infant

My youngest turned seven last month. And he still has all of his baby teeth, is still a terrible eater, and has zero reservations about going to the doctor. One day he will kill...

Parents: Stop Doing Your Child’s School Projects

It was a hurried Monday morning after a long weekend with errands, family commitments, and simply time to rest. We woke up to the startling realization that my first grader had not completed his...

We Need to Get Together Sometime! (But We Never Do)

I ran into you the other day at the grocery store. We both had buggies full of food and kids, lists of items needed crossed off on crumpled paper lists, and the usual distraction...
Always Eat the Cake

Always Eat the Cake

I have been trying incredibly hard lately to do adult things, like making healthy food choices and doing this bizarre thing called running without something chasing you. It is hard and makes me want...

Why I Feed My Kids Junk Food for Breakfast

Breakfast in 2007: I can remember breakfast vividly with my firstborn child. In her toddlerhood, I was careful to scramble only the egg yellows, not the whites, with a side of organic English muffin,...
Butt Cheeks and Book Fairs Life of a Boy Mom

Butt Cheeks and Book Fairs: Life of a Boy Mom

You know when it's coming: your child will bring home many, many colorful order forms the days preceding the event, showcasing all the goods that are about the explode in your child's school library....