Hey friends! I’m Christie and the proud mama of three amazing children, Eden, August, and Titus. We love to watch 80s commercials on YouTube before bed, grilling on the back deck, a good round of Clue, and loudly playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline, keeping our neighbors on their toes. We currently have zero pets because they all seem to run away, I cannot keep real plants alive, and the kids will be in high school, middle school, and elementary school in the fall, so all thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated. Being a part of Knoxville Moms has been such a blast and I have met some incredible women that have since become some of my dearest friends. Take a look at their stories, you’ll love them just as much as I do!
Are You Having More Children

Are You Having More Children?

There it is. The most common question my husband and I are asked. It creeps up in the grocery line. The church pew. The playgroups. The total strangers in the Target restroom. The "are...

Making Old Things New: Recycling + Repurposing in the Home

Growing up as a kid in the 1990s, Reduce//Reuse//Recycle was the mantra on every pencil, paper cover for your Tennessee history books, and those classic green and white stickers you placed so proudly on...

Top 10 Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids

It is Thursday. You are exhausted, but when you open your cabinets, moths fly out. Kidding. But the pantry is bare and you've fed your kids scrambled eggs for both breakfast AND lunch. What...

Toddler Approved Girl Books

Even though my daughter is now 6 1/2, we still have some of her most beloved toddler books on her bookshelf and now she is able to read some of them on her own!...
The Benefits of a homeschool co-op

The Benefits of a Homeschool Co-op

Homeschooling. The toughest job you'll ever love. Nah. Just kidding. Pretty sure that motto belongs to the Peace Corps. But teaching and training your little ones at home, all day, every day, does not...

Taking Care of Mama: It’s Okay to Love Yourself

You are mother. Mom. Mommy. Mama. A superhero in sweats. A hero in a hoodie. And even the smell of fresh vomit or a trash can of dirty diapers can't take you down. You...

4 Simple Reasons We Chose the Simple Life

Growing up, you start to formulate these daydreams in your mind about what your future will look like. If those thoughts drift to marriage and children, you tend to imagine what life will look...