ABC Show and Tell List: Items Around The House


ABC Show and Tell List: Items Around The HouseShow and Tell is a very exciting time at school for the students! I know it’s my son’s favorite day of the week. Since he’s in preschool, they focus on one letter of the alphabet each week, so you guessed it — that’s the letter the show and tell item for the week needs to represent. Sometimes it’s not an easy task to get a kid that can’t read or spell to pick out an item that begins with a specific letter, so the task falls on mom.

This list is here to help you, mama!

Items around the house: A through Z

A – apple, airplane, astronaut, acorn, Anna (from Frozen), army men, animal crackers, aunt (photo)

B – ball, banana, blanket, belt, baby (doll), ballerina, baseball, bow, bowl, board game, boat, book, band aid

C – cat, card, candy, Cookie Monster, charger, cleat, cup, controller, Chapstick, CD, cheerios, cotton ball, car, crown

D – dog, doll, drawing, dime, dollar bill, dress, DVD, dinosaur, dump truck

E – eraser, Elmo, envelope, eyepatch, Elsa, Easter egg, Earth

F – floss, fruit snacks, frame, football, flashlight, fork, flag, feather

G – glove, goggles, Goldfish, garage opener, glasses, Gatorade, glue, grandparent (photo), gum

H – headphones, hanger, hat, headband, horse, halter, hole punch, hammer, hairdryer, helmet, hairbrush, highlighter

I – icing, ice tray, ice pack, igloo, iPad, index card, ice cream scoop, Iron Man

J – jeans, juice, jacket, jewelry, jump rope, jelly, Jell-O

K – kite, khakis, Kleenex, knob, key, ketchup

L – lime, Lightning McQueen, leash, life jacket, lipstick, label, Lego, lint roller, lock, leaf, library card

M – money, measuring cup, mirror, mp3 player, manila folder, magnet, muffin, marker, monkey, Mickey or Minnie Mouse, marshmallow

N – nightlight, nickel, necklace, newspaper, noodles, nail polish, numbers, nutcracker

O – orange, Oreo, oatmeal, ornament, Olaf, octagon (think stop sign!), oval, orange anything (GBO!)

P – phone, pants, pen, pencil, picture, pillow, plate, penny, purse, playdoh, popcorn, pasta, paintbrush, princess, pajamas

Q – Q tip, quarter, quilt, Queen (Elizabeth if you’ve got it, or a playing card), question mark

R – rice, remote, rain boots, racecar, ribbon, ring, robot, radio, ruler, rocket, rock, raisins

S – sponge, sweatshirt, sock, shoe, soap, straw, shorts, skirt, swimsuit, stamp, screwdriver, sippy cup, soup, star, Smokey (the dog or bear)

T – towel, tractor, toothbrush, tape, tomato, teaspoon, tablespoon, thermometer, tape measure, train, tutu, and as always anything Tennessee (go Vols!)

U – umbrella, utensil, unicorn, USA, uncle (photo), ultrasound, uniform

V – Velveeta, violin, vegetable, valentine, vacation (photo), Vol anything

W – washcloth, water bottle, wrapping paper, wallet, walkie-talkie, wrench, whisk, watch, wedding (photo)

X – xylophone, x-ray, X men, map with an X marking “the spot”

Y – yoyo, yogurt, yarn, yoga mat, yeti, yellow

Z – Ziploc bag, zebra, zucchini, zipper, ziti, zoo (animal, shirt, anything – Z is hard!)

Add to this list and help a mama out!


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