A Guide To Knoxville’s Dog Parks


A Guide To Knoxville's Dog ParksMy family recently became the owners of a sweet, Goldendoodle puppy. He is great, but he  has a TON of energy. One of our favorite ways to help him burn some of his energy and socialize with other dogs is going to dog parks. Knoxville has several located around town. Some even offer unique features like swimming areas and agility courses.

To help out my fellow dog owners, I have rounded up a list of dog parks so you can find the perfect one to visit with your furry friend:

 PetSafe Concord Dog Park

Located at 10901 South Northshore Drive 

This park is beautifully situated on Fort Loudoun Lake. It has your typical large and small dog areas, but it also has a third area where the dogs can jump off a dock and swim. Even if your dog is not a swimmer, it’s very entertaining to watch other dogs make the jump into the water.

PetSafe Downtown Dog Park

Located at 203 South Central Street 

Downtown Knoxville is a great place to take your dog to socialize on-leash. But when your dog needs some green space to run around, this dog park is a perfect one to visit. You can find this park just a few blocks over from Market Square.

 Emma Jane Walker Memorial Dog Park (Tommy Schumpert Park)

Located at 6400 Fountain City Road 

This dog park has a beautiful water area for the dogs to swim in that even includes a fountain. The large and small dog areas are surrounded by large trees so in the early morning and late afternoon there is some shade. The park also has walking trails outside of the dog park area that are great for on-leash walks with your dog.

PetSafe Charter Doyle Dog Park

Located at 5100 West Martin Mill Pike

My favorite thing about this park is that it has some shady areas to stand in. It was also conveniently located in a park that has a playground, walking trails, and pickle ball courts.

PetSafe Dogwood Dog Park at Victor Ashe Park

Located at 4901 Bradshaw Road 

If you are looking to test out your dog’s agility, this is the place to go. The park has ramps, tunnels, and jumps to try out with your dog. The park does not have a separate area for small and large dogs, which is different from most dog parks. My kids loved trying to get our puppy to complete all the obstacles.

 I.C. King PetSafe Dog Park

Located at 2625 Maryville Pike

This dog park is in the expanded part of the main park, so make sure you type in “IC King Park Expansion” into your GPS or you will end up in the wrong place like I did. This park has nice areas for both big and small dogs. It also has an extensive layout of hiking and biking trails outside of the dog park area and a nice playground too.

 PetSafe Holston River Dog Park

Located at 3300 Holston Hills Road 

This dog park has some shade which is always nice on hotter days. It also has amenities like a waste station, drinking water for the dogs and benches for owners to sit while their dog plays.

PetSafe Plumb Creek Dog Park

Located at 1517 Hickey Road

This dog park is one of my favorites because it’s HUGE. The large dog area is seven acres, and the small dog area is one acre. There is a ton of space for your dog to run and play. It’s also located next to a great playground and disc golf course if you want to give your human children some playtime too.

Sam Duff Dog Park

Located at 4060 Chapman Highway

This dog park is smaller than most of the parks we visited, but it has two great playgrounds for kids. I can see this park being a great place to bring the whole family to give everyone some time to burn off energy. It’s a little bit hidden, but it’s on Chapman Highway behind Checkers.

 Holston-Chilhowee Dog Park

Located at 6005 Holston Drive

This dog park is very quiet and has a secluded feeling, which is nice. It doesn’t have restrooms, so plan accordingly.

 Public Dog Park at PetSafe Village

Located at 10424 PetSafe Way

This dog park is located next to the PetSafe Village office. It features some agility obstacles for the dogs and a separate area that has a natural pond.

Which dog park is your favorite to visit in Knoxville? Let us know in the comments.


  1. There is a dog park over by Powell at Victor Ashe Park. It is a smaller dog park but if you go early like we do you can have it all to yourself! They have water fountains for your pups and obstacle courses. We also like going to the dog park off Bluegrass by Concord Marina.


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