A Few of My Favorite Things


A Few of My Favorite ThingsI am a big fan of a few influencers on Instagram. It’s almost like a guilty pleasure for me. If you aren’t sure what an influencer is, it’s someone who has a large following on social media who promotes products for you to buy. Some are sponsored, but a lot of times it’s just regular stuff they love and use, and they link to the items so you can buy them using an affiliate link. These influencers make a small commission, but they make things super convenient for me.

What I love most about these influencers is that they share things they love that make life easier, better, or more fun. It’s not political or Covid-related, and it almost makes me feel like I have a tribe that I can rely on to recommend the best or latest hair dryer, cleaning supplies, or kitchen gadget from Amazon. I kid you not, I have ordered everything from a scalp massager for the shower and sauce holders that fit in the vents on your car, to vacuum cleaners. I follow new moms and veteran moms, and it’s refreshing to see what other people are using to make their lives easier. As weird as this may sound, I truly think the influencers I follow are honest about stuff they have tried that has really worked, or they will be honest and say they didn’t like it at all. They could totally be pulling my leg, but regardless, I’m here for it. All this to say, I’ve been thinking of stuff I have found or done and loved, and I want you to know about.

Here are some things that I really feel like you shouldn’t miss out on and why:

1. Brazilian wax

Yep, let’s just get this one out of the way first. I started waxing about two to three years ago and I have major regrets about not starting sooner. Let me preface this by saying that I have zero tattoos, no piercings other than my ears, and I get anxiety about my flu shot, but I do it for the Target gift card. I was pretty nervous about how much waxing was going to hurt. Surprisingly, I wasn’t all that worried about laying on a table and letting my esthetician get all up in there because I had just had two babies and everyone and their mama had seen what was going on down there. I had struggled with cyst-like bumps almost every time I shaved and finally started researching things that might help. I looked into laser hair removal, but that seemed costly at the time. With the recommendation from a trusted friend, I went in for my wax and have never looked back. It has helped so much with any kind of breakout or irritability caused by shaving. I haven’t let a razor anywhere near there in over two years. The wax now lasts me almost 6-8 weeks, and the hair does not even grow back in some places. It has helped in the bedroom too; my husband has no problem fitting this expense into our budget. It is worth every penny.

2. Funny Bunny nail polish by OPI

I love having my nails done, but I am not wild when it comes to colors and designs. I don’t do any funky, trendy nail shapes. I like to keep it classic and simple. If you’re a girl that likes all these things too, you must wear the color Funny Bunny by OPI. It’s an off white-ish color with a very tiny hint of pink, and it looks good on everyone. It is usually all I put on, until recently, when I got a light grey because I wasn’t sure Funny Bunny was “fall-ish” enough. For every other season though, it should be your go-to.

3. Gel polish pedicures

Speaking of painted nails, it wasn’t until this summer that I got my first gel pedicure. I have gotten gel on my nails plenty of times, but have always declined the extra charge for the gel on my toes. Let’s face it; with two small kids and a full-time job, I don’t get a ton of me time so I am not an every four-week pedicure kind of gal. I would usually let them clean up my feet, get my nails painted and not go back until the paint was almost all chipped off. I was going to the beach and I told myself I was going to get gel because I heard it would hold up better in the sand and I knew I wouldn’t be going back for another pedicure anytime soon. Y’all. This nail polish stays on and does not chip. The only reason I have to go back now is because my toe nails have grown out and you can see the new growth. They last forever and make it seem like I have my life together with painted toes. Pay the extra $10 if you’re not doing so already!

4. Dry shampoo

I am a firm believer in only washing your hair two times a week. I try to go as long as I can between washes. If you haven’t looked up hair training, do so. You will need a good dry shampoo though. I have a Redken dry shampoo that I am obsessed with right now. Living Proof is another great brand, but if you are a drug store type of gal, I think Batiste is the best and it is what I used for a long time. There is one major pro tip though: You MUST shake the bottle really well before use. All the good stuff settles to the bottom. Shake, shake, shake to make it last and get the best results.

5. Target drive-up

I am sure you have heard all the rave about Target drive-up. It is seriously like the Chick-fil-A of grocery pickup. Don’t get me wrong; I love my trips inside Target, but I am here to tell you what I really use drive-up for. I LOVE that I can think of something simple I need like wipes, toothpaste, or coffee, open my Target app, add it to my cart and pick it up within hours or on my way to or from somewhere with kids in the car. Target just recently started adding cold stuff and pantry items, so I love to use it for last minute things I need or when I just don’t feel like getting out of the car. There have been days when I have done three pickup orders throughout the day thinking of things I need and they just bring them all out to my car when I get there. Make sure you use the app to tell them you are on the way; I have never waited more than three minutes for an order to come out once I arrived.

I could go on and on about other things I think everyone should know about. What is something you think deserves more credit? I love sharing ideas and life hacks. It takes a village!


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