6 Things Mom Actually Wants for Mother’s Day



Leave her alone. Like seriously, don’t wake her on that precious Sunday morning for anything big or small, if sleep is what she’s craving. You can figure it out, we believe in you, and really there are very few things that can’t be unraveled, replaced, or stain treated once she’s up anyway, so you might as well just make a list for once she’s actually feeling a little more refreshed. She does have a few years of sleep deprivation to catch up on after all. 


How about the gift of a bubble for Mother’s Day this year? Sure, loving hugs from well meaning family members are always welcome, but perhaps encourage an overall tone down, if not a total boycott of all other climbing, hair pulling, elbow jabbing, toy thrusting, bodily fluid wiping, ankle grabbing activity…if only for the first half of the day. 


Don’t make her cook (unless of course that’s her chosen escape for the day). And more to the point, maybe don’t lead the minions in the pursuit of ‘cooking for mom’ if it’s only going to end in her loading the dishwasher for the third time that day, in her slippers and pajamas. Why not save everyone a little effort and pick up something delicious and local, and spend the time that would have been dedicated to setting off the smoke alarm and scraping burnt food off the best pans, to hanging out with full, happy bellies and enjoying each other’s company?


Here’s a thought: for one day, just one, why not solemnly swear not to come at her with any of the looming ‘honey do lists’ that may exist in the near future. I know it might be tempting to just drop a little reminder about that meeting that will make you late next week, or a small hint there that you might need a ride somewhere next weekend, but hey, how about saving those thoughts, just for a day? Mom-ing is overwhelming at the best of times, and managing your own schedule as it twirls and winds around that of several other people’s can really be a balancing act. For one day, Mother’s Day, let her forget about the plates she needs to keep spinning and just let her unwind and breathe for a while. It’ll all be there tomorrow still, and nothing will unravel in just a day (here’s hoping!), so just sit back, relax, and let her do the same!


It doesn’t have to be much, but a little thought can go a long, long way on the ‘day of Mom.’ There are so many cute keepsakes out there nowadays, it’s hard not to run into something fingerprinted, handwritten, or celestial based that won’t blow her momma mind for years to come! 


Lastly, may I gently suggest you give her the very sacred gift of choice. Perhaps, it’s as simple as letting her wake up in her own time, to roll out of bed without duress or necessity awaiting her, offering warm smiles, a warm brunch, and to let her take the lead. Maybe it’s a bath in the middle of the day without anyone banging on the other side of the door. Maybe it’s a trip out alone to a store or salon. Maybe it’s an impromptu picnic in the park or a family fun something or other she thinks everyone would enjoy together. Perhaps it’s simply PJs all day long.

Whatever it is, let her steer the day, and go willingly and with appreciation for how she follows others willingly through their own days more often than not. THAT will make her day. I promise. 


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