4 Activities You Can Enjoy When Being Outside is Best


4 Activities You Can Enjoy During the Pandemic Now that things are opening up, people are starting to move about. No matter your own opinion on masks, many choose not to wear them. If you are looking for an activity you can enjoy while minimizing your risk, here is the perfect list.

Mountain Biking

It seems intimidating at first, but mountain biking can be a fun sport that people at all levels of skill can enjoy. In fact, Knoxville has several bike parks and trails and is even well known across the country as a mountain bike spot you should visit. As far as risk, mountain biking ranks a 2 on a risk scale of 10, making it one of the lowest risk activities you can enjoy.


Being outside in the fresh air definitely limits your risk, as does social distancing. Golfing is the perfect sport during these times, where you can play a game with others but not actually have to get super close to other individuals. It only ranks a 3 on the risk scale, making it the lowest risk sport that involves others.


I don’t run unless something is chasing me, but if you are into it, jogging can be a great way to decompress and take care of your body. It only ranks a 1 on the scale of risk, so that makes it an even more attractive activity right now. As long as you socially distance from others, medical professionals say a mask wouldn’t be as necessary to limit transmission from one person to the next.


In this case, you need to be careful around bathrooms and public changing areas, especially if you are using a public pool. But because the water is chemically treated, it is not likely to spread the virus. You are, however, more likely to spread it while watching your kids from the sidelines while chatting with another person. If you go swimming, as with pretty much anything nowadays, just be aware of your surroundings and what you come in contact with.

Which has become your go-to outdoor activity since Covid hit?


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