10 Ways to Make Motherhood Rock in 2016



As 2015 is winding down, I can say with all certainty that this year absolutely FLEW by. I know we all say it every year, but seriously. Didn’t I just get snowed in for nine days back in January and almost lose my sanity? Ahh, seems like yesterday.

But for 2016, I have a few life goals, simple, tangible ways to make motherhood rock in the new year. Let’s do a little countdown, shall we?

10. Don’t Look Back

We all have made life choices that we regret. The new year is a fresh start, a new beginning. Forgive yourself and others, move on, and learn from your mistakes. Do not dwell on the past, but keep your eyes focused on everything beginnings can bring — a opportunity to live with greater wisdom than before.

9. Change Your Mornings

Mornings can be the catalyst for the outlook of the rest of the day. A rough night with a baby, irregular sleep, or poor habits can all grant a difficult morning ahead. Make small changes that will bless your morning hour. Maybe it is going to sleep an hour early instead of binge watching Netflix, or giving yourself just a few minutes in the early hours to regroup and prepare your mind for the day, whether that be a simple cup of coffee, a good book, reading scripture, or writing in a gratitude journal. A mere five minutes can change the entire course of your day.

8. Complete Three Things Each Day

There were days when my three kids were ages four, fifteen months, and an infant and I could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning, much less shower. But one thing that kept me going was laying out three index cards with a simple “to-do” on each card. And I am talking BASIC — walking to get the mail, washing my hair, doing a load of baby laundry. The objectives changed as the kids grew, but that slight sense of accomplishment in early motherhood kept me afloat.

7. Find Out What Brings You Joy (and Do It!)

Admittedly, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the minutiae of daily mothering that one day we look around and think, “Now, WHO was I again?” When I worked for the Department of Children’s Services, a co-worker once told me that it was imperative that I find a hobby outside of work, because the job with consume me if not. The same goes with being a mom. It truly is a full time job, so finding something that brings YOU joy will not only make you happier, but your kids will be able to see your talent and skill firsthand. Let them see you bake, write, read, sew, run, encourage friends, take care of animals, visit the elderly, take beautiful photographs — whatever brings you joy!

6. Take More Photos With Your Kids

I wrote a post earlier this year entitled “Why Mama Should Stay in the Picture” after one of my children asked why their own mother was not in any of their photos. One day we will no longer be here. Give your children the gift of photos with them at an early age doing things they love — going to the park, playing in the backyard, and family vacations. No matter your excuse, in the long run, you will be so grateful you did.

5. Use Your Words as a Gift

So many of us struggle with raising our voices and using our words to loudly attempt to get a point across. But, what if in the new year, we made “using our words as gifts” an intentional act? Finding attributes in our children that are strong, courageous, and beautiful and allowing them to hear those wonderful things straight from their mother. And, since there are always ears to hear in the minivan, speaking kindly of others will model encouraging speech in your littles.

4. Let Them See You Have Fun

My husband and I are huge goofballs, and we love nothing more than to sing (at a decibel level reserved for dogs) anything from the early ’90s to random songs from our favorite television shows. Doing the robot in the kitchen? You bet. Building Legos and crashing them down ramps at Legoland Discovery Center, count us in. Yes, when they are teenagers they will all hide their faces in utter disgust. But we will have THREE TEENAGERS in our home at the same time, SO WE WIN. Sorry, kids.

3. Show Them a New Skill

My kids basically think I am a genius because if our bonfire is rained out, I CAN MAKE S’MORES IN OUR MICROWAVE. But my five year old knows how to build the fire to begin with, because my husband showed him a few primitive outdoor skills when he was just three. When you do what brings you joy, don’t forget to share those skills with your kids. I literally teared up the other day when my daughter got all kinds of excited about PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES. If she becomes a writer like myself and my grandfather, maybe she will dedicate her first book to her ol’ mom.

2. Discover the World

When we moved to a farm in 2013, one of the million reasons we decided to make a life change was that we wanted our children to discover the world. And discovering your world begins in your own backyard. Get your kids in nature, take them to a play, on a hike, or a stroll in Market Square. Travel with them. Go on a boat, train, plane. Whatever it takes, but get out and see the world as it stands right here, right now. Make shared memories together.

1. Always, Always Have a Secret Stash of Chocolate

This one will stand no matter what year it is. Always, always have a secret stash of chocolate hidden somewhere in your home. Those Reese’s Christmas trees will come in handy quicker than you know it.

What ways do you plan to make 2016 rock as a mom?


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