Welcome to the #cleaningarmy


Welcome to the #cleaningarmyI recently wrote about a trend sweeping the nation: laundry stripping. While this is something that has been around longer than I thought, what hasn’t been around as long is the #cleaningarmy. And I’m officially part of it.

I found out about laundry stripping and the #cleaningarmy through an Instagram account called @gocleanco. During quarantine, some people made banana bread, some people watched Tiger King, and some people like me, learned just how much bleach and Tide can change your life.

I like to think of myself as a tidy person. While I do have two toddlers, a husband, and a dog, most things in my house have a place and for the most part, stay pretty picked up. But, while I love to decorate and tidy up, I wouldn’t exactly call myself “domesticated.” I mean, I’ve never had anyone really teach me how to clean. I know that sounds silly, but I’m talking about the tried and true cleaning hacks that really work. Then, along came Go Clean Co and now I’m walking around my house with a bucket of hot water and Tide cleaning walls with a cloth.


Sarah, the @gocleanco lady (she’s my bff, but doesn’t know it yet), knows it all. Seriously. There’s nothing she doesn’t know how to clean! I didn’t even know my dishwasher had a filter, let alone that you had to clean it! Go Clean Co is a cleaning business Sarah started and it went viral at the beginning of March or so when we all suddenly started cleaning and disinfecting everything we could.


If you want to become a real member of the #cleaningarmy, you have to know what to buy and how to use it. After I became obsessed with watching Sarah and her crew on Instagram clean her house and other people’s homes, I decided it was time to do my own. She wrote a handbook that tells you what to clean in every room and how. I downloaded it and headed to Amazon and Target to get my goods. I even bought the mop and vacuum she recommends! Go big or go home, right?
I forgot to take a pic of my haul, but luckily my bff is obsessed too and snapped me a pic of all her stuff when she got home.

The handbook has a toolkit of everything you need to buy and recipes on how to mix some of the things (like bleach and Tide). Sarah then breaks down the basics on how to clean any room. She also takes no mercy and is hilarious to watch. Her motto is basically do the job right or don’t do it at all. Lastly, the handbook includes a checklist for each room and what cleaning product to use for each thing! She even suggests copying these pages and laminating them so you can use a dry erase marker to keep track of what you’ve done and reuse it later. Here’s a sneak peek:

Sarah’s Instagram account is full of satisfying before and after photos, and videos of things she’s cleaned. If Sarah’s business weren’t in Canada, I would have hired her to clean my house. Luckily, she’s doing the best she can to teach us all how to do it ourselves!

Are you ready to suit up and join the army now too? Check out her page and let me know what you think. What are some of your favorite cleaning hacks?


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