We Are Having Fun


“We are having fun!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I had crying kids, a frustrated husband and I was exhausted. The loading, the dressing, the packing of all the things for a half-day trip of fun had tested our patience before we really had even begun. It’s in these times that I curse myself for keeping our calendar full of outings. I, the coordinator of all chaos and apparently self-punisher (or family punisher some might say), was trying to convince everyone that this.was.going to be. fun.

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Someone always melts down…sometimes it’s me.


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Discover your world.

Last Sunday our pastor was doing a little Q&A session and the saddest question came across the screen: “How can our family have fun together?” Wow…just let that sink in for a moment. It hit me then that mandatory family time only lasts so long. In an age where we are literally glued to phones, computer screens and TVs, sometimes we find it difficult to connect to those sitting directly in front of us.

We only live together as a family for such a short while. It is so easy to get caught up in all the to-dos: the appointments, the playdates, the daily routines. But, what about having time for fun as a family? Are we making time for that?


Time to connect as a family.

Time to really get to know our family members in those ways that only families can.

Sure it’s not always pretty.

Sure we don’t always get along.

But, it is worth it.


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Go to the fair.

We only have such a short time to establish those close connections. To make sure that sibling love and parental love is rock solid. There are many tests and tribulations to come in the later years and I want to make sure that my family remains reliant on each other and that does not come easily and it certainly isn’t just given.

I want to make sure when the teen years hit and they are all rolling their eyes at me and begging to bring their girlfriends that they will know the importance of family time. I want them to want to come home from college and spend time together. I want them to look forward to yearly family trips. I want our bonds to be strong.

And building all that? That starts now.


So, I’ll continue punishing my family with crazy outings and full calendars.

We Are Having Fun-2013
Take a hike.

Maybe one day they will even thank me for it.

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  1. So true! And it’s hard to get everyone happy at the same time but they’ll look back on those times and laugh. I truly believe this is what makes a family. Love the headline too haha


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