Visit A Living History Museum On The River


Visit A Living History Museum On The RiverDo you want to know what it was like to “sail the ocean blue, in 1492?” A replica of the Pinta, the historical ship that sailed to North America, will soon be sailing into Knoxville. Visiting the Pinta is a great way to spend time outside and have a glimpse into history. The Pinta was the first ship of Columbus’ voyage to sight land.

You might be surprised by the size of the ship, considering it made trans-Atlantic voyages. You might be impressed with the sturdiness of the construction. It was built by Portuguese shipbuilders. You will be intrigued by the many details needed for a successful voyage. Elementary-aged children will be fascinated when they step onto the wide, wooden deck.

Known historically as a Tall Ship, the Pinta is a replica of one of the ships that sailed with Christopher Columbus. You can read the history and get as many (or few) details as you wish, but it’s definitely worth a visit with your kids.

My elementary-aged children loved climbing all over the ship. Older kids will enjoy reading about how it was built and the way it was sailed, along with the historical details. Younger ones will love the adventure and joy of participating in something from a different era.

The ship will be docked at Calhoun’s on the River, 400 Neyland Drive, Knoxville, TN 37902 from October 20-29, 2023. Tours are open from 9am-5pm daily, with the purchase of an $8 ticket for adults, $6 for children, $7 for seniors and military. Children under four years of age are free. Tickets may be purchased at the ship and no advance reservation is required.

More information click here and here.

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