Trick or Treating Safety


Halloween is a fun and exciting time! We want you and your family to have a great time if you go out trick or treating, so we’ve come up with a list of safety tips to help the night stay fun:

Never trick or treat alone!  

Stay with your children. 

Plan your trick or treat route. 

Lights! Try to stick to areas that are well-lit and take a flashlight to help.

Flame resistant costumes.

Stay on sidewalks and pedestrians watch for cars.

Watch out for fire — be cautious of lit jack-o-lanterns, especially with costumes.

Wear shoes that fit well.

Be cautious with face paint — use nontoxic and beware that allergic reactions happen often. 

Candy — eat only factory-made candy that you recognize and is sealed. Be sure to inspect each piece.

Teal pumpkins mean that a house is food allergy friendly. This is a great stop for those with food allergies!  

Don’t enter homes.

Don’t accept rides from strangers.

If you’re suspicious, back off.

Beware of pets.

Be careful driving. 

You can check out more from my segment on WBIR this past week! 

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