Top Five Favorite Amazon Purchases in 2020


I love Amazon. Seriously. I love Amazon so much that last year my mom got me an Amazon box birthday cake. This is not a joke. See, there’s my name on it.

Top Five Favorite Amazon Purchases in 2020 When it comes to ordering items, I love instant gratification. I am not conditioned to the ways of the world where we wait weeks to receive a product we ordered for either need or want. I will happily pay to have Amazon Prime and then milk it for every penny it is worth.

It turns out, my deep love for shopping on Amazon really served me well in 2020, when going out for joy shopping became a thing of the past. I had been training for this.

So, amidst all the articles about heavy, important things floating our internet today, I wanted to just bring something light, almost indulgent, to the table. A few of my favorite purchases from Amazon in 2020…and trust me, there have been a lot. Not at all sponsored; just sharing the good things in life.

I get a subscribe and save order for a lot of my household products on Amazon, but I don’t want to talk about that. (Though, this dish brush has been a game changer and my heart is happy that it isn’t terrible for the Earth!) I want to talk about things that are nice to have, but were not a “I will die without this” necessity. Things that would be a benefit for any mom or family, named by me and my grand humor.

1. “I don’t want to get out of bed, mom!!!” sheets.

You’ll realize that you just purchased the world’s most comfy, affordable sheets, ones from which you will all too soon be ripped at the peak of dawn to get your unwilling, grumpy child ready to go to school entirely too early. Unless you are virtual or homeschooling this year, in which case, enjoy this goodness. I would like to add that despite the fact it may seem like I’m a shopaholic, I’m not really. We needed new sheets and our friends had purchased some expensive ones at Target that were super soft, but not a price I could happily oblige. So, I researched the fabric they were made of and found these. They. Are. Amazing! We are so pleased with these and would happily purchase again.

2. Summer is over, here is a great swimsuit!

I know that summer is nearly over, but I got this swimsuit before vacation (I had been eyeballing it since last year and always felt like it was “too mom-ish” *rolls eyes at self*) and instantly fell in love. It is SO comfortable but still really cute. I thought that I may not like the feeling of a loose tankini top, but it’s flowy and airy. I wanted to buy three more in different colors, but because I am NOT a shopaholic as earlier stated, I did not.

3. A reading chair you will never get to sit and read in.

During the COVID pandemic, I moved my home office out of the shared space with the toy room and created my own area, including a much longed for book nook. This chair is incredibly comfortable, well made, and took fewer than five minutes to put together. All it needs is a good foot stool and you are ready to go! The whole family loves it and I’m pretty sure they’ve sat in it more than I have. Don’t be afraid to shop for literally anything on Amazon, including furniture!

4. Some moms don’t survive on coffee or wine. Sometimes it’s tea.

I am a baby tea drinker, having only picked it up in the last couple years. This year, I graduated to an electric tea kettle because my microwave just wasn’t cutting it. I researched endlessly for a tea kettle that met my standards and price range, and this one has not disappointed. She even travels with me sometimes! It is also great for evenly heated hot chocolate for movie nights and bad days. Amazon reviews are a really valuable, often overlooked, commodity that we should bring more awareness to. Read the reviews! They will make your life so much easier!

5. You’re not gaining pandemic weight…your pants still fit fiiiine!

So, my favorite one pair (yes, one pair) of yoga pants were from Target and had developed holes in places in which people didn’t want to see holes. These pants were a particular brand that Target no longer sells and I can’t find anywhere. I’m picky about yoga pants. I do not want to be squeezed; I am not a juicy lemon to make lemonade. I wear yoga pants for comfort and to hide my unshaven legs, not to strut down a red carpet. Who knew how hard it was to find good yoga pants that didn’t cost more than your legs were worth? But Amazon is my best friend and she hasn’t failed me yet. I needed pants and you can barely catch me in jeans when there isn’t a global crisis, let alone when we’ve been locked in our homes for five months. These pants haven’t disappointed and according to the description, are now even considered “dress pants.” Too bad my office isn’t reopening for me to try that out!

I would love to hear about products that you have found on Amazon that have improved your life for the better. After all, we could all use some good in times like these!


  1. Makes me giggle because I just looked at my Amazon orders and am kind of appalled at how much I have bought there in 2020. Some highlights includes boys underwear and girls training bras, a suede cleaning kit, the book Llama Destroys the World, a nonstick Bundt pan, and oboe reeds.


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