Top 5 Things From My Baby Registry That My Toddler Still Uses


Top 5 Things From My Baby Registry That My Toddler Still UsesWhen it comes to creating a baby registry, there are three different types of items parents generally add to their list: things they need for baby, things they hope to get for baby, and outrageous, pricey items they seriously doubt anyone will get, but they put on the registry just in case.

We took the same approach for our registry: normal baby items, wish list outfits and shoes, and the overpriced strollers and baby swings. When the day of our shower arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to get a majority of the items off our registry, minus those overpriced items we never expected to receive in the first place.

Once our daughter arrived, we put all those baby registry items to the test. Some things we used daily, some things we couldn’t live without, some things we forgot about, and some things we decided we just plain didn’t like. The wipe warmer never left its box; those adorable infant booties were never worn.

Fast-forward three years into our parenthood journey and believe it or not, there are items we received from our baby registry that we still use to this day with our toddler:

1. Bottle Brushes

Once my daughter was finally off bottles, I was convinced I would get my sink back, that I would no longer have a sink full of bottles, washed separately and scrubbed with a special soap. But no one told me about the ridiculousness of toddler cups! While bottles no longer overflow my sink, I’m now drowning in miniature sized travel mugs and lids and straws, all with a thousand parts, all requiring to be hand washed. I use my bottle brushes daily to get all these tiny parts cleaned. The small bottle brushers are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning toddler straws. The brush set I am currently using is this one.

2. NoseFrida

I was obsessed with the NoseFrida from the beginning. I struggled using the standard baby bulb nose cleaners, but with the NoseFrida, I could easily keep my little one’s nose clean and clear. And since boogers have no age restriction, my toddler still gets the NoseFrida treatment, now with the accompanying spray of saline. You can find NoseFrida here.

3. Swaddle Blankets

You can never have enough blankets! I love the light swaddle blankets we received from our baby registry. They have a multitude of uses. I used them to cover my daughter’s infant car seat while out and about, kept a couple in the diaper bag for doctor visits (easy to wrap a shivering baby after being weighed), and used them to cover surfaces for diaper changes. Now my daughter uses them to play house with her baby dolls and I still use them for the rare cuddle session every now and then. These are some of my favorite swaddle blankets.

4. All The Ointments

Babies aren’t the only ones with sensitive skin. Even now when potty trained, my daughter still gets the occasional rash or raw bottom. And even though I am definitely not on the same bottle of diaper cream I received when she was little, I was able to figure out which cream works best for her and stock up. Here’s my favorite ointment.

5. All The Stuffed Animals

Hear me out on this one. While my infant could care less about the cute teddy bear her aunt got her, my toddler loves hearing stories about how she’s had her favorite stuffed animal since she was a tiny baby. It’s even better when she can look back on baby pictures of herself with her teddy. This one is all about the long game. Your baby won’t care, but your toddler will eat it all up. This was one of my daughter’s favorite ‘stuffies’ as she calls them.

There’s something to these baby registries. You really do get your use out of many of the items you receive, so add all the things! You never know which items you’ll still be using with your picky toddler.


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