To The (Virtual) 5th Grade Class of 2021


To The (Virtual) 5th Grade Class of 2021This year brought along many firsts for me. Firsts are always challenging, but as I always say, I welcome a challenge. This year’s challenge just happened to be managing and teaching students in grades 3, 4, and 5 during a pandemic.

No big deal right?

It was tough for me, but I know it was even tougher for the kids and families behind the screens. All in all, I truly enjoyed it. I learned more this year than I ever have. I even got to plan a 5th grade graduation (another first)! After googling, asking friends, and scouring TeachersPayTeachers for hours, I just couldn’t find a good ceremony poem to fit our graduation. Traditional graduation poems and words of endearment just didn’t quite feel right. This year was different for them; they are a unique group of students who had a completely different experience than their in-school peers. I wanted their ceremony to reflect that, so I decided to create my own.

Fifth graders, you are loved and I can’t thank you enough for being YOU. And to your parents, well done. You were their rock during an unsettling, unpredictable year. I am proud of you all!

‘Twas the first day of distance learning, when all through the house

Everything was ready with a laptop and mouse

There was paper, pencils, and a clean place to read

My parents made sure I had everything I’d need


The first week was tough; things were different and new.

Pathblazer, email, and Microsoft too!

I sent emails, messages, and all kinds of memes

I’m finally getting the hang of this Microsoft Teams!


Though sometimes obstacles got in my way

I learned how to troubleshoot and keep problems at bay

I was always diligent and completed my work

though sometimes technology made me berserk


This year, I picked up important learning tools

These are the things they aren’t learning in schools

Typing, video chats, software, and more

Learning to persevere and adapt like never before


My teacher loves me and thinks I am brilliant

She knows that this year has made me resilient

I am kind, compassionate, curious and tough

I will always bounce back when the school days are rough


History was made with this year of learning.

But the show must go on and I’ll be returning

So now that we’re finished and history’s been made,

Watch out world, I’m ready for 6th grade.

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