This or That: Thanksgiving Feast Edition


Thanksgiving is just 10 days away – TEN! I already know my menu because I’m a compulsive planner, but I know that not everyone is like me and may still be searching for the perfect Thanksgiving menu.

I decided to share some traditional recipes and then some twists on the same dish in a THIS or THAT fashion!



THIS: I love this recipe for traditional roast turkey. It’s perfectly tender and juicy.

THAT: Bobby Flay doesn’t disappoint with this turkey that has black peppercorn-pomegranate molasses glazed. Say that ten times!

Mashed Potatoes

THIS: I try to use crockpots as much as possible during the holidays because it’s less work, fewer dishes to wash, and portable. These slow cooker mashed potatoes take seven minutes of prep time.

THAT: Turn them into a casserole…a twice-baked cheese and bacon mashed potato casserole! It isn’t terribly complicated – only 15 minutes of prep and 40 minutes of cooking time.

Green Bean Casserole

THIS: Although it isn’t the classic recipe (you know, with the condensed soup), it is a from-scratch version of the classic recipe. Even the crunchy onion topping is homemade!

THAT: Add some cheese and bacon to the mix and you have one delicious, addictive green bean casserole!

Deviled Eggs

THIS: Deviled eggs are by far my favorite side dish at the Thanksgiving Day spread and I cannot get enough of traditional deviled eggs. One day, I hope to master making the perfect hardboiled egg. Really just peeling it. I am awful at it. Send help!

THAT: If y’all love jalapeno poppers, you HAVE TO TRY this recipe from my own blog for Jalapeno Popper Deviled Eggs. I have made it for multiple holidays and am making the recipe again this Thanksgiving. I’ll most likely being doing a double batch because you can blink and these deviled eggs are gone.

Pumpkin Pie

THIS: Pumpkin pie is a must and what is more perfect than a no-fuss, foolproof easy homemade pumpkin pie recipe?

THAT: But if you want to try something a little different, this turtle pumpkin pie sounds incredible! Caramel and pumpkin go together so well.

Pecan Pie

THIS: Now this one is a dessert that I don’t like, but I know it’s not right to NOT have it at the holidays. Ree Drummond shared her favorite pecan pie recipe years and years ago.

THAT: Let’s be honest…some of us are going to be reaching for the booze at the holidays and that’s where chocolate bourbon pecan pie comes into play. Chocolate – check! Alcohol – check! No one loses here!


Do you always stick to classic, never-fail recipes for the holidays? Or do you like to experiment? Be sure to stop back by and let us know if you have tried any of these recipes and their reception at your Thanksgiving Day meal!


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