This Dessert Will Be A Hit At Any Cookout


This Dessert Will Be A Hit At Any Cookout Last year, in an effort to do something fun and special for Father’s Day, my little pranksters decided to try to trick their dad into thinking these adorable sweets were real burgers and fries. They enjoyed making them so much that just the other day, my daughter was describing them in detail to a friend, a full year after the fact!

I decided to share these with you, so that you can make these adorable, tasty, and relatively simple treats that are sure to leave a lasting impression at any cookout you attend! 



Yellow Cake Mix, Brownie Mix, White Frosting, Food Coloring, Coconut, Sesame Seeds, Sugar Cookie Dough

Step 1 Baking: 

Make yellow cupcakes according to package instructions. Let cool.

Step 2 More Baking: 

Make brownies according to package instructions. Let cool.

Step 3 Dyeing: 

Separate white frosting into two separate bowls. Dye one half red, the other half yellow. Dye the coconut flakes green.

Step 4 Shaping: 

Cut brownies in a circular shape.  Slice cupcakes in half.

Step 5 Assembling: 








Put a small amount of “ketchup” on the bottom bun in order to hold the “burger” in place. Place the “burger” on the bottom “bun.” Top with “mustard” and “ketchup.” Sprinkle with “lettuce (or relish).” Add the top “bun.” Lightly sprinkle water on the top bun and then add sesame seeds or a coarse sugar.

The Fries:

Step 1: Roll out sugar cookie dough

Step 2: Slice into french fry shapes.

Step 3: Bake until crispy.

Step 4: Enjoy!





These burger cupcakes and fries are so fun to make and delicious to eat! What’s one of your favorite fun foods to make? 

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