The NEW and Improved Baby Bjorn: Baby Carrier One {Giveaway}



I was recently given the opportunity to try the newest carrier by Baby Bjorn: Baby Carrier One. I have used several different kinds of baby carriers over the past three years and I was super excited to give this one a test drive at the Knoxville Zoo! Baby wearing provides a HUGE convenience since I am a busy mom of two. Having my hands free while chasing a busy three year old is crucial in my world! Baby wearing also eases a lot of tension in my back and neck. It has been a godsend to help ease those aches and pains that we get from lugging gargantuan children from one side of the globe to the other, all while saddled on our hip. Look no more ladies – this carrier is the real deal!


Why should I consider wearing my baby?

  1. Less Crying – When you’re holding your baby, they usually cry less! Win in my book!
  2. Hands Free – One simple carrier frees up both of your hands. This makes motherhood more manageable!
  3. Great for Reflux – My first child suffered from reflux for the first several months of his life. Using a carrier to keep him upright for 30 minutes or so after eating was such an awesome tool to have!
  4. Ease the Strain on your Back – Let’s face it, carrying babies is hard work. It can leave your neck and back aching like they have never ached before. Baby wearing can help ease the strain on your back so that the weight is distributed evenly.
  5. Ideal for Breastfeeding – Although I personally never mastered this art, I have heard from many friends that breastfeeding while the baby was in the carrier made it super convenient while on the go or multitasking around the house.
  6. Emotional Development – Carrying your baby from day one is a natural extension of the “skin to skin” or kangaroo care philosophies. It can provide many emotional and developmental benefits such as: baby feeling safe and secure, warding off over-stimulation from outside influences, and helps lower cortisol levels to help baby become emotionally balanced…and SO MANY other wonderful things!


What are your favorite things about the carrier?

  • FOUR front and back carrying positions! The ability to single-handedly maneuver the baby from carrying in the front, to a back pack carry is AMAZING! I’ve never been able to do this with a carrier before. (It took some practice so I didn’t choke myself, but I think I’ve master it! We are all still alive. One Mom point for me!)
  • Perfect for newborns. NO INFANT INSERT NEEDED. You can use it right out of the box from day one! This carrier also accommodates children all the way up to 33 lbs.!
  • BIGGIE: Acknowledged as a hip healthy carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • It is SUPER comfortable! Extra thick padding on the shoulder straps, sturdy belt, sleek look and zipper pulls that lock into place!
  • Breathable fabric. Some carriers leave you a sweaty mess, but this one is made out of a nice mesh fabric that is wonderful for air flow and didn’t cause me to drip in sweat.


Where can I order this amazing new product?

Amazon offers a great deal on this product right now! You can click HERE and it will take you directly to Amazon. Happy baby, happy Mama, Happy baby wearing!

Now it’s your chance to win your very own Baby Carrier One! Enter the Gleam Giveaway below and good luck!

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  2. I had used the original Baby Bjorn for my first child, but it wound up getting trashed before we had our second. I’m digging all of the new features and benefits of the Carrier One, so I’m kind of glad that we have to get a new one anyway.


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