The Moms that Built Me


The Moms that Built Me

I’ve always loved celebrating the strong women in my life, women who helped shape me, led me, and loved me even through my less than stellar phases. Mother’s Day often offers an opportunity for just that. I recently thought of Martina McBride’s song, This One’s for the Girls, and I couldn’t help but think of all the moms that have guided me in my life. From fashion to life choices to parenting, I’ve had so many incredible women help build me into the mom I am today. Every lesson, listening session, open armed hug, expression of compassion, and simply just being a part of my life has contributed to the person I’ve become.

So, this one’s for the moms. May we all become just like you.

This one’s for the moms,

Who loved us through the hurt,

Who told us not to wear that shirt.

This one’s for the moms,

Who loved us when it was hard,

Who led us through the dark.

This ones for the moms,

Who saw beyond the silly masks,

Who always found the way to ask,

All the tough questions.

This ones for the moms,

Who opened up their homes,

Who fed and clothed and loved,

All the kids wandering in.

This one’s for the moms,

Who steal the show as Grandma,

Who love our babies and save our sanity.

This one’s for the moms,

Who fed us every single day,

Who helped me find the words to say

This one’s for the moms.

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Christine Derr
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