The Importance Of Traditions


The Importance Of TraditionsWe are in the middle of the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year and the busiest time of the year. As a mom, there is a lot of pressure this time of year to make holidays memorable since we are the arbiters of the holidays. We are the magic-makers who make this time of year extra special. That is a lot of work to put on ourselves; however, it is important work. One guaranteed way to have a happier, more joyful holiday season this year with our families is to make and keep holiday traditions. Done right, traditions create family memories, make this time of year exciting, and act as a comfort to children.

Here are some ways I create family memories for my family:

Keep it simple

Traditions work best when they are easy. My ten-year-old recently did a project for school where he reported on his favorite holiday traditions. To my surprise, it was not our yearly Christmas bake-off or any of our other traditions that require more preparation. His favorite tradition was watching The Ghost and Mr. Chicken every Halloween. Simple traditions are great for several reasons. Since they happen almost every year, they quickly become nostalgic for family members, helping to forge lasting memories. They also reduce stress for all involved because the prep work is minimal. You can do one or two of these for minor holidays and several for major holidays without overburdening yourself. Examples of these simple traditions can be holiday movies, looking at Christmas lights, shopping for holiday candy and making holiday treats together. 

Take advantage of seasonal experiences

Holiday traditions are exciting because we only do them this time of year. Traditions are a way to differentiate the seasons. Without them, this time of year would not seem any different from our ordinary schedules. We need variety in the monotony of our lives. The anticipation for the season’s traditions increases happiness. When people have something to look forward to, it gives them a boost of excitement. I know my kids are looking forward to picking out our Christmas tree, going to Christmas markets (as long as hot chocolate is involved) and their holiday break from school.

Stick to it

Children thrive on predictability. In our busy everyday lives, it is nice for our children to have some consistency. Not only do traditions provide consistency, but kids want to do the same traditions every year. Our family traditions create a sense of belonging that acts like a security blanket for our children. If you are a person who enjoys adding a new tradition here and there, go for it, but do not feel the need for everything to be new. This gives us all a pass to not add something new to our schedules. Keep it simple and keep it annual. Children will find comfort and joy in their family traditions. One thing my family looks forward to every year is making gingerbread houses. I take the kids to the grocery store to help pick out the candy. Everyone gets their own house to build and decorate. It is a wonderful time we spend together, and it is fun to see all the creative ways we decorate our houses. 

Do things you enjoy

Do things you enjoy with your kids. If you are enjoying yourself, it will add to the enjoyment of your children. They will remember you being happy. 

Family traditions are a way to create happy family memories. The family traditions we create with our children will increase feelings of joy and family connection. The literal meaning of tradition is the transmission of customs or belief from generation to generation. Setting aside time for family traditions allows families to create strong bonds with each other. That leads to more trust between family members. It does not matter what the traditions are based in, those traditions will create memories that define your family. 

I write this article hoping it can give you some peace of mind. There are a lot of feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out) in our world. Knowing that the traditions we are currently doing are enough for our families is very liberating. There can be a lot of joy in providing the magic that makes the season special. It is beautiful that we as mothers are the ones that put on the traditions that will make memories to last a lifetime. Those memories from family traditions are what our children will take with them when they leave home. I hope that all of you can feel happier in your traditions this holiday season.

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Happy holidays!  


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