The Best Toddler Birthday Gifts


The Best Toddler Birthday GiftsMy kids are both under five so, obviously, we spend a lot of time with toddlers and, therefore, a lot of time at toddler birthday parties. Birthdays are my favorite holiday and I absolutely love making the birthday kid feel special!

Lately, we have spent at least one or two weekends a month at a birthday party and with the holidays coming up, I figured a list of some guaranteed-to-be-a-hit gifts for toddlers is something we will all be searching for.

Here are my go-to toddler gifts:

Floor Doodle Mat

This is the first thing I go for. Mess free, HUGE, and something that can be done with siblings.

Mega Bloks

I love toys that allow free play and are open ended. Legos are always a hit! These change how you play each day with imagination.

Mini Dyson Vacuum

I don’t know why toddlers love vacuums, but they just do.

Tool Set

A tool set works on fine and gross motor skills and coordination, but the kid doesn’t have to know that.

Magnetic Tiles

Another open ended toy, we pull these out every day at our house. Each day something new is created and it’s a fun way to learn colors and shapes!

Bubble Machine 

A nice weather staple. Throw in one of those gallon jugs of bubble solution and you’re set.


I don’t know a toddler that isn’t fidgety. We use these at church, in the car, at doctors visits — pretty much anywhere I need my kids to be quiet. We love them!

Coloring Books & Crayons

Every toddler needs these items. We go through crayons like nobody’s business over here.

Fun Pajamas

I’m not sure why small children go through SO many pajamas, but somehow they do. Both Mom and kid will love this gift!

Playdoh Sets

Although I am not a fan of Playdoh, some people are. My kids definitely enjoy receiving these, I just don’t like picking the Playdoh out of the carpet. Check with Mom on this one first!

Fishing Game

I can remember playing with this game as a child and sure enough, my kids love it too!


You can’t go wrong with any sort of toy vehicle. Toddlers love them.

Teeter Popper

Although slightly annoying for everyone else, this is an excellent toy for a sensory seeking kiddo that needs movement.

Sensory Tubes

Another hit in our house, these can be played with so many different ways. They also make great stocking stuffers!


An easy game for kids to play that are just learning their numbers, letters, and colors.


My kids can’t read, but they love to be read to and to flip through picture books about things they’re interested in.

Gift Cards

Sometimes kids are hard to shop for. Gift cards we’ve gotten and loved include: Target, Chick-fil-A, Smart Toys & Books, McDonald’s, and Walmart.

These gifts are sure to be loved by the birthday boy or girl, are tested by my own toddlers, and are proven to be things that will get taken out of the toy box often.


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