Ten Unique, Non-Edible Easter Basket Stuffers


Ten Unique, Non-Edible Easter Basket StuffersWe know all the great traditional items like swimsuits, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. Easter baskets are a great time to get all the essentials for the incoming warmer weather and sunny days! Sometimes, though, we just want to add a little extra pizzazz with something you don’t usually find in an Easter basket or might not be sitting on the shelves next to all those chocolate bunnies.

Look no further! I have done some research and found ten great items to stick in the Easter basket that your kiddo will be surprised to find! From babies to teens, there’s something for everyone:

  1. Try Not to Laugh Easter Joke Book

    I don’t know about you, but my kiddo is always asking me to tell her jokes — I don’t know any jokes! So anything to help in our conquest to lots of giggles is a win for us!

  2. Cat vs. Pickle Plushies

    Squishmallows are super popular right now, but these little bean-like plushies reminded me of a plush version of Mighty Beans! Did anyone else play with those as a kid?! They also have some affordable little playsets that go with them that I know my seven-year-old would just love.

  3. Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card Game and for the littles Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards

    We love a good nature walk scavenger hunt, but sometimes the cold weather or flu season forces us to keep it indoors. This is a great, interactive boredom buster that we can pull out even when our energy is at its lowest!

  4. Kids Gardening Kit

    My thumb is as black as night; I can’t keep any plant alive for too long. But nothing says spring has sprung like some blooming flowers! Maybe if we start early, the kiddos will be able to grow a plant better than I can?

  5. Fort Building Kit

    Every kid loves to build a fort and every parent cringes a little at the mess it creates. This fort building kit is both a great learning activity and keeps the dining chairs with the table. Then it all packs up into a nice little bag!

  6. Pattern Block Jigsaw Puzzle

    I liked this one because it gives ideas to inspire creativity and it’s also a great one to toss in the diaper bag for a night out to dinner.

  7. Busy Board

    I think busy boards are so cool. I *almost* want to have another baby just to make sure we have all the super neat activities and toys that we missed out on the first time around. This is one of the more affordable options I’ve seen with some great bright colors to draw baby’s attention!

  8. Hover Soccer Ball

    Indoor soccer? *Shutters*…Soccer with soft edges and a smooth fan to keep it from going airborne? Okay, mom approved! Great for indoor and outdoor use — a fun alternative to traditional soccer.

  9. VATOS Little Detective Game

    We are always looking for board games that are fun for kids and adults! This one promotes a variety of skills and different ways of playing.

  10. BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Maker

    I know, I know. We are going to encourage kids to draw on themselves?! I am a firm believer that creativity is so valuable for kids every single day. What teenager wouldn’t love an opportunity to have a tattoo, if only for a little while? These Bic markers have excellent reviews and are verified safe!

These are just a few ideas I found and wanted to get all of them to fill our Easter basket with! What non-traditional items are you sticking in your Easter basket this year?


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