Team SUV: A Lexus Driver Experience


You know that big mom divide, mini vans vs. SUVs? Well, I’m Team SUV for many reasons. After my Lexus Driver Experience (from our partners at Lexus of Knoxville) driving around in a new 2018 Lexus GX460 for the month of June, my love list for SUVs is now even longer! 

For the #lexusdriverexperience, I drove the 2018 Lexus GX460 for the month of June to review the features and share my experience from our partners at Lexus of Knoxville.

First things first: the smoothness. The ride is as smooth as butter, as the country folk might say. While the vehicle is a larger SUV, the ride is very much that of a luxury vehicle. The control behind the wheel is fabulous and the high positioning of the seats makes it feel that much safer.

Speaking of, let me tell you about the safety of the Lexus GX460. Some of my most favorite features of this car are the safety features, such as blind spot monitoring and park assist. One which stands out above the rest is the rear cross-traffic alert. I love this feature! For those who are not familiar, this system monitors for oncoming cross-traffic driving behind you as you are backing up. While you still have the reverse camera system to view directly behind you, you also have cameras monitoring for oncoming traffic outside the reverse camera view. When another vehicle is coming into your reverse path, it sets off an alert to notify you of the traffic. This is particularly handy when you are parked between two larger vehicles and you are backing up almost blindly due to their size. What a fantastic feature from Lexus!

The extras are what put Lexus above many other vehicles. From seat coolers in the front seats, seat warmers in the second row seats, and the space throughout equipped with consoles, cup holders, and sunroof options, there are extras available in nearly every part of the SUV. These added touches help a mama love her endless hours in the car!

Another great feature of this particular Lexus vehicle is the horizontal swing door for the back and trunk option. This design allows you to open the door completely while the vehicle is parked inside the garage without hitting the door on the roof of the garage! 

The convenience features available for in vehicle are another bonus. Two of my favorites are the keyless entry system and the captain seats in the second row. The keyless entry system allows you to open the vehicle and start it without having to search for your keys. As long as your key is nearby — in your pocket/purse/diaper bag — you can grab the handle to unlock the doors or press on the outside handle to lock it. Of course Lexus thought of all possible mom brain mishaps, so every time I have tried to lock the key fob in the car, the system has alerted me and not allowed me to do so. (Thank goodness, as I have accidentally tested this out on multiple occasions!) The captain seats in the second row are another fabulous design! They guarantee easy access to the 3rd row seating and now I don’t have to worry about children climbing over the seats with dirty shoes or limiting which passengers can get/fit back there. This design will certainly be on the top of my must-have list for future vehicle purchases!

Finally, the technology options available with the 2018 Lexus are fantastic. Whether you’re looking for nearby restaurants, traffic reports, or weather information, the vehicle can help by voice command, keeping you and your passengers safe while utilizing the options. Also available by voice command are the different controls in the vehicle, such as temperature control or music control. This allows for more safety behind the wheel which is the ultimate goal for everyone involved, especially mamas and their precious cargo.

Next time you’re due for a new vehicle and are looking for a family-friendly luxury option to keep you safe, along with the latest technology and fun features, I highly encourage you to choose Team SUV and check out the
2018 Lexus GX460. 

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