Summer Is Here


Summer Is Here We made it! Another year of school completed, and this one the most challenging by far. It deserves all of the celebrations and we probably all need all the decompressing now that it has wrapped up.

May is a wildly crazy month for everyone. In addition to all of the end of school year chaos, in our family, we also have three birthdays and an anniversary, and this year, three out of four of those landed right at the end of school. The last full day of school was our anniversary, and then we celebrated my oldest’s 10th birthday on the final half-day of school, which was followed the next day by my birthday. It’s a fun week when you have the anniversary/birthday/birthday back to back to back, but it’s also a lot, especially when it lands at the very end of the school year. It wore me out this year.

Now that we have spent the last week partying and kicked off the summer with the holiday weekend, I woke up this morning feeling like today was the first day of summer. It’s not the first day after school got out and it’s not the official first day of the season of summer, but today I woke up with that summer is here feeling, and I’m here for it.

I’m here for sleeping in. I’m here for not looking like a swamp monster at drop-off in the morning. I’m here for last-minute plans with friends because it’s summer and our calendars are a little more spacious. I’m here for new friends through new activities. I’m here for late nights sitting under the string lights and roasting marshmallows over the fire. I’m here for pool days and even better, night swims. I’m here for not rushing through bedtime routines. I’m here for giving my kids a kiss on the head and getting that pool hair smell in my nose. I’m here for adventures and trips. I’m here for catching lightning bugs and watching the flowers around my house grow. I’m here for fun and maybe just maybe a little downtime.

As of today, it feels like summer is here, and I’m here for it.

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